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First post! Welcome to the GV Community Blog!

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GV Summit Chile 2010

Global Voices members at the GV Summit 2010 in Santiago Chile, from flickr user Oso [1].

The Global Voices community is bigger than it's ever been, proving how important our mission is to people around the world. The challenge that comes with having a huge, wonderful community is finding spaces for us to share and communicate with each other that are fun and free without taking away from the important and pretty-serious content that defines our main site and it's journalistic coverage of citizen media. 

Enter the community blog. This is a space for us to hang out and write the fun, personal stories that don't make sense on the main site. We also hope you'll find it a good place to express ideas and feelings about Global Voices mission and our future as a community. 

Thanks for participating and we hope you write a post soon!

P.S. Here's a demo of a new feature I'm adding to this first post just for convenience. Below should be an expandable box generated by the [expand] shortcode from the Collapse-o-Matic plugin.

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