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10th Anniversary

Categories: 10th Anniversary, First Translation

As you can imagine, at this moment I am very busy with my activities to increase awareness of Guinean fellow bloggers about the reality and the seriousness of Ebola. Therefore, I will only copy and paste a passage from an interview I delivered [1] to Davide Galati and translated by Louise Marsden issued issued on GV in may 2013:

“One evening in December 2008, by then I had retired, to avoid arguing with my wife about what to watch on TV, I started to search on the Internet for a voluntary activity I could undertake. Among the sites I came across was Global Voices. I read a few posts and liked them. Immediately, I contacted Claire Ulrich, the person in charge of the French group and I started to partake.

I didn't have any blogging experience beforehand. I didn't even know what Facebook, Twitter, netizen, citizen media, blogs or posts were. My only previous activity had been the creation of a forum for the victims of the dictatorship in my country. I became a blogger thanks to the patience of Claire Ulrich, who helped me create Konakry Express [fr] [2], a blog designed to broadcast information of the grave violations of human rights that occurred in Guinea on the 28th September 2009.”

I could add the difficulties associated with the downward of my view when I was looking with magnifying glass for words in the dictionary sitting on the couch next to my wife watching the TV, those related to the use of the tools of the GV platform.