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Global Voices wasn't something I was looking for when it came to me.=I got to know about GV, quite weirdly. It was summer break 2014 when I was gifted the book “I Am Malala” which was interesting and inspirational and made me surf Malala Fund's site. While surfing along I found that Malala Fund was sponsered by an organisation named; “Free The Children” and after going to their site I found out about their personal blog. And the coincidence was that it was named, Global Voices! It was late at night and I didn't bookmark their site. Next morning, as I was impressed by their work I wanted to get to their site and email them. And then it struck me real bad that I never bookmarked their site, so I just googled:
“Global Voices”
The search resulted to the top and I went to the site. And there is when I entered the awesomeness of GV. I remember on the left top corner, there was a form to apply as an author for GV. And as being a lover of writing I filled the form and clicked “Apply!”. And then I again went back to search for Free The Children's Global Voices.
Days passed and I even forgot that I had applied for GV, when I received an email from Rezwan Islam, our GV South Asia Editor, that he found my application and he wanted me to go through GV Terms and Conditions and write my first post, in which he would help me!
I was so excited when I wrote my first post and was a lot nervous because it was something very different than I had ever done by then. I used to write pieces full of personal perspective and submitted them to local blog sites. It seemed a lot hard because I never researched that much for anything I had ever written. I still remember me being such a goof for my first post! Still I was guided by Rezwan and Sahar and my post. My first post was about Girls Education in Balochistan Pakistan. I shared the post on social media and remember my whole family appreciating my writing! I was the one at home who started writing at the youngest age;15. That was big moment for me and it got bigger when it got republished a few other places.
My post was translated into German by Anne Hemeda; which I loved because GV gave me importance! It felt great when people contacted me as a GV author! It was really amazing connecting with the GV community, especially Annie Zaman and Sana Saleem who turned out to be a be a big support and amazing friends!
Anushe Noor Faheem I'm still new to GV but it seems like I've been with this family for ages! I just feel so comfortable acting goofy in here because I know there will be someone always there to guide me through. I'm not a professional but I know GV would be a big reason for my success in the future as I've learned so much from everyone here! Thanking everyone would be less! GV has been so important to me as I've known myself through GV!
Love you all!! Especially my GV TEAM PAKISTAN!!


  • Hello dear Anushe, I loved reading your story (you are only 15!!!) and how you got to GV by chance – I don’t believe in coincidences, so you are meant to be here. I also found GV through google, so he have to thank it :P

    Malala lives here in the UK. She was on television earlier today, I am so impressed by her capacity to inspire others. You are amazing girls!

  • Your story is exciting, Anushe! GV is a big family, yeah. And I’m proud of being a part of one community with peole like you, and Paula, and all others :)

  • Thanks for the consideration Paula! and such wonderful words! I completely believe that GV was for me because it’s so important to me! Well thanks to google as well!! lol!! :-P
    And yeah Malala is surely inspirational! Thanks for comparing me with her! I’m so proud of her as being a Pakistani and even more after today when she’ve won the Noble Peace Prize! Thank you! GV IS LOVE AMD GV IS ME!!

  • Sahar Habib Ghazi

    Anushe, this is such a sweet story. You are one amazing 15 year-old. I am constantly impressed by your desire to confront, understand and write about complex and difficult stories from Pakistan. I’m so glad you picked up Malala’s book, looked up Save the Children, and forgot to bookmark their page. But I’m pretty sure that even if you didn’t, we would’ve found you, because we were looking for you too.

  • Thanks Sahar, I know that even if not through such a weird way I would have found GV!! GV means a world to me, through it I’ve learned so much! I’ve learned so much about the profession I want to opt!! And I know that GV needs me as it has given me a lot IMPORTANCE and Love!

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