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Categories: 10th Anniversary

Back in 2008, I was approached by Siniša Boljanović, the man who later started Global Voices Serbian [1], with the request to assist him in improving his English. Of course, I accepted that because I had some experience in that work and this one was even more challenging because, as you might know, Sinša is blind and I was to use some more productive and more interesting ways of teaching, adapted to him.

So we started and we “saw” each other almost every day and Siniša was really a great success in my teaching career, if I may say so. Few months later, he revealed his real intentions of improving his English and that's when he mentioned the Global Voices and his idea to start it in Serbian and he invited me to join him. I accepted of course because I didn't have a steady job i.e., I retired from active service due to a car accident I suffered this day back in 1998 while returning from a business trip, after which I spent 5 days in coma and when I woke up I was speaking French and later English (the languages I studied at the university), and much later Serbian, my mother tongue.

I was just translating in the beginning and Siniša was doing the editorial work along with translation, but later I also started doing the editorial work. I've started translating for Global Voices because I liked the context of stories I see on this website, the stories we need to hear about.