Spring: how the Arab one induced mine..

It was quite weird reading an e-mail asking me to write something about my first encounter with GV. It's weird because of the timing. Just yesterday, and out of the blue, i was squeezing my brain, trying to remember how i got to know about GV. i couldn't,and i still can't!

logically, it must'v been a random Google search that landed my in the colorful world of GV. It was an Arabic article i believe, and all i could think of was that “i need to be part of this”and the rest was history. i do remember my excitement filling out the form, and the thrill to hear back positively from Mohamed, the Editor.

I have always had computers and internet available, in fact my every day job depends primarily on them, but one day, earlier this year, i discovered them for the first time. i had never, before that day, realized how strong, limitless and important internet was.

The wind of change arrived at my region, my country. A spring of freedom loomed in the horizon and people rose. As high as they rose, evil rose; and as loud as they screamed, bombs yelled. i live away from my country, and media, main stream media, was my source to info on what's going on there.As things progressed, one by one those TV channels lost their credibility when political directions controlling those media started unveiling. News papers, Facebook pages even YouTube channels.. I couldn't know who to believe and started looking around for other, more credible sources of info . it was then that i re-discovered the powerful tool of internet, and i was introduced to citizen media.
With my new discovery i felt like Neo in The Matrix! and since i'm still new to this world i'm still amazed with my eyes open wide. i feel like a new chapter in my life is being opened, one that will change my life forever, one that is colorful, bright and true.. a spring.. my own spring..thanks to the Arab one.


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