GV Connect: Talking to Mamisoa Isabella

Global Voices has always played an important role in the life of every GV'er, yet GV Connect  connected me to another way to see Global Voices. Mamisoa Isabella, who's been a part of GV from 2011, belongs to Madagascar, Africa,  translates and writes in French and Malagasy. Her life is full of GV as her husband is also a GV'er as he edits Lingua Malagasy, Jentilisa. Rather than the life on the Internet, she spends most of the time with her children, and studying as she is a law student.

Trying to know about GV in her life, I got to know how GV changed the perspective towards the World! Talking about GV, Mamisoa said;

Being GV'er is a Pride and the most rewarding experiences of my life cause it allowed me to be connected with the rest of and realise the importance of freedom of expression! It helped m know different cultures in the world and keep me informed about uncovered events and stories from all corners of the world!

As being a married women with two children, it's difficult for her to give enough time to Global Voices but, GV is her passion and finds it very interesting when she finds her husband working on GV. She said that, GV changed the way she saw the world, she now is even more motivated to empower her mother tongue. She said;

It(GV) helps me to go further and continue to highlight the importance of preserving our mother tongue which is among the endangered language.

She now can't imagine her life without GV, when questioned how would her life be without it she said;

Life without GV: like living without Internet, loosing valuable socialising networks and an important information.

Imagining life without GV is quite hard for any GV'er but, knowing how a married women who's a student and a mother of two has changed the way to see the world is amazing! GV has become a motivation, to carry on work for a better world better with freedom of expression and freedom of speech beyond language boundaries for Mamisoa.

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