Meet Veronika Rusinova from the Land of the White Nights

White nights in Arkhangelsk. Photo by  Alexander Kozlov and used under a CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 license.

White nights in Arkhangelsk. Photo by Alexander Kozlov and used under a CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 license.

The White Nights are a spectacular natural phenomena that takes place in the middle of the Northern hemisphere summer. For those living in communities just below the Arctic Circle, one can enjoy the eerie light that lasts well into the night because the sun does not fall below the horizon. It is a celebratory time for many, and one of our Russian Lingua translators has a front row seat every year.

vrrVeronika Rusinova hails from the city of Arkhanglesk located along the Dvina River and very near the White Sea. It remains an important port, but the prime attraction is its nature in the surrounding areas. Fortunate for Veronika, the nature helps her maintain some of her favorite hobbies such as skiing, swimming, and hiking.

When she's not exploring the surrounding region, Veronika is a freelance translator primarily working on newspaper articles, scientific or business documents mainly translating from English or French into Russian. In the past year, she was looking for a volunteer experience to put her translation skills for service, and she came across Global Voices in Russian. Following a short welcoming exchange from the site's editor, Katya, Veronika was officially a Lingua translator.

So in September 2014, Veronika started as a volunteer with her first translation appearing on October 2, 2014. Her interests in human rights and women's rights coincide with the articles that she chooses to translate, such as the response to the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone and the efforts in Nigeria to contain the virus.

Veronika enjoys traveling around Russia and Europe, but hopes to one day visit India and other places covered by Global Voices. For the time being, translating with Global Voices allows to get to know faraway places without having to leave the White Nights behind.

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