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My First Post

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I am a freelance writer. I used to write on social issues like environment, human rights, tribal society etc. usually I update my article on social sites. Once a friend told me, ‘why you are not writing for GV’.

Honestly I never heard about GV before so, first I went to GV website and realized GV is doing actually what I want to write. Here I can find lots of ppl like me and that is great feeling for me.

So, then I applied for Hindi contributor and wrote my first post. My first post was about Radio Sangharsh [1] which is a community media tool for tribal people. It's good to see community media (citizen media) things appear on a community media platform.

I hope GV will always grow and show mainstream media how a people centric story can be written.
Sorry for my bad English.

Best wishes

Avinash Kumar Chanchal