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Useful tools for you to use in radio #1: Writing a radio script

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Radio workshop. Photo: MediaHelpingMedia

Radio workshop. Photo: MediaHelpingMedia [1]

Hello everyone!

In February this year, during International Radio Day, our dear member Aparna asked how are things going with GV Radio project. I replied to her “GV Radio is in slow-cooking mode, to get the best taste from the ingredients. Let's say we are preparing a nice and delicious  [2] [Vindaloo [2]] dish!”, I said to her!

Well, the “vindaloo” is starting to get shape! And to get even better, we need all your help! Let´s help each other, shall we?

Have you ever heard about Media Helping Media?

Media Helping Media [3] (MHM) is an online free journalism training modules platform with basic tools to get you start. It also has a useful selection of presentations to help you on how to create simple radio scripting or basic audio editing tips amongst other interesting material.

Let´s start from the fundamentals. Before you start a radio program, you need to make a plan and ask what sort of program you want to produce. Nevertheless the type of show you will be producing, you will be needing a script.

Have a look to this “Writing a Radio Script” presentation, made by David Brewer, the founder of MHM, it should help you to start!

In this presentation you will learn basic steps to create a script for a radio program:


Writing a radio script [4] from David Brewer [5]


If you have any questions, comments or would like to leave good stuff to help our GV Radio community grow their radio skills, please drop a comment or email us :)