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Hi everyone!

Apologies for the delay in this week's newsletter. We're here now on this fine Tuesday to talk to you about…

The Roots of Language

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Ever wonder what makes humans different from other animals? Paul Ibbotson and Michael Tomasello dive into this topic over on The Guardian and cover topics about language ranging from grammar to universal cognition and more. Read about it here!

Translating Europe

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The Translating Europe Forum, organized by the European Commission's Directorate-General for Translation, met on October 29-30 to discuss networking opportunities for translators. Terminology Coordination reported:

The aim of Translating Europe was to “enable young people to share ideas, projects, experiences and innovative approaches in translation-related fields” and “to provide networking opportunities for students, emerging translators, mentors and professionals”.

Learn more about the event here and in this short video too!

Taste the Translation

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In case you didn't already think humans are better translators than Google, ElaN Languages decided to remind us! They created a video called “Taste the Translation”, showing “a chef cooking the same Japanese recipe as translated by ElaN's team of human experts vs. Google Translate's automated results”. Check it out here!

Translation Fails

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To give us a little something to smile about amidst the awful news week we've been having, I thought it might be nice to end this week's newsletter with some funny translation fails in video games. What Culture put this list together for your comical pleasure, so enjoy and have a happy Tuesday!


As always, thank you all for your hard work and dedication to GV!

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