May Gershom's Memory Live on in These Five Trees


As a token of our deep affection for Gershom, we've arranged for five trees to be planted in South Africa in his memory.

May Gershom's spirit live on in the leaves and branches of these trees, the breezes that blow through them, and the people to whom they offer shade and sustenance.

About the area where the trees will be planted:

This is an impoverished area, windblown and covered mainly by sand. Described fairly accurately as the ‘dumping ground of apartheid’ it
was here that thousands of ‘non-white’ households were forced to move as a result of the Group Areas Act, and today it is home to over a
million people who manage to eke out an existence in a combination of townships and informal settlements. Many households are reeling
from the effects of high unemployment and HIV/AIDS. The school has applied for trees to increase the aesthetic appeal of the area and
provide shade for the learners to sit under. They were delighted to hear that they would be receiving your gift of life.

For further details, see this PDF.


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