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What Movie About Your Region Would You Recommend?

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Photo: Flickr user Michael Gebert / CC 2.0 [1]

Photo: Flickr user Michael Gebert / CC 2.0

This 2016, why not expand your movie horizons beyond mainstream Hollywood or even Bollywood?

We at Global Voices are a diverse community, with members from all over the world. Often, movies produced in the countries we're from don't make it onto international festivals’ shortlists, and the rest of the movie-going world doesn't ever hear about them…

Let's try and change that! We're looking to compile a list of movies that would provide a little window into the regions where our GV community members are from. Think of it this way:

What movie would you recommend to someone who's about to travel to your country and is looking to get to know it a little better?

We're particularly looking for countries’ whose cinema isn't widely known abroad — but even if you're from a place like Iran or Mexico, whose cinema is famous internationally, you're welcome to participate! But try to think about a movie that a foreign cinephile probably hasn't heard of.

It doesn't have to be a recent production: be it from the 1950's or last year, what's important is that it's a good film!

We'll collect all the responses in a post and publish on the Global Voices main site. The deadline is Sunday, December 29.

To contribute, please share a few lines in a comment below this post, stating: