64 More Movies Recommended by the Global Voices Community

Photo by Flickr user Direitos Urbanos. CC BY 2.0

Photo by Flickr user Direitos Urbanos. CC BY 2.0

When we asked the Global Voices community, we received more than 70 submissions. Thank you to everyone who participated! The response was wonderful.

Unfortunately, not all of them could fit into the post on the main site, so we're going to collect the rest of them here for the enjoyment of the many movie buffs among us. Feel free to leave even more suggestions in the comments section below, too.

1. Destiny Has No Favorites (Peru, 2003)

In this film, originally titled “El destino no tiene favoritos” in Spanish, a wealthy but bored housewife follows the production of a soap opera being shot in her garden and gets involved in funny ways. Recommended by Gabriela Garcia Calderon.

2 and 3. The Raid and The Raid 2 (Indonesia, 2011 and 2014)

In The Raid, a SWAT team finds itself trapped in a gangsters’ safe house in Jakarta and must fight their way out. In its blockbuster sequel, an agent goes undercover with the cartel to weed out corruption amidst his own ranks. Recommended by author Juke Carolina.

4. 40 Years of Silence: An Indonesian Tragedy (USA, 2009)

This documentary explores the mass killing of up to a million people in Indonesia in 1965 when General Suharto began a deadly campaign to root out suspected communists and other groups deemed undesirable. Trailer on YouTube. Recommended by Juke Carolina.

5. The Act of Killing (Denmark, Norway, UK, 2012)

The filmmakers of this documentary, called Jagal in Indonesian, challenge two men who ran a death squad in North Sumatra, Indonesia, during the 1960s to recount their actions and create scenes reflecting what they say in various cinematic styles, such as Westerns or musicals. Trailer on YouTube. Recommended by Juke Carolina.

6. Denias, Singing on the Cloud (Indonesia, 2006)

The film, titled Denias, Senandung di Atas Awan in Indonesian, follows the struggle of a boy to receive education in remote Papua. “Beautiful people, beautiful land,” says Juke Carolina, who recommended the movie.

7. Love for Share (Indonesia, 2006)

The movie, called Berbagi Suami in Indonesian, follows three women who live a polygamous life. Recommended by Juke Carolina.

8. The Dancer (Indonesia, 2011)

A love story between a Javanese dancer and an officer in the 1960s during one of the most trying times in Indonesia after its independence. Trailer on YouTube. Recommended by Juke Carolina.

9. The Blindfold (Indonesia, 2011)

A movie about radicalism in the country, originally titled Mata Tertutup in Indonesian. Trailer on YouTube. Recommended by Juke Carolina.

10. The Jungle School (Indonesia, 2013)

This film, called Sokola Rimba originally, is based on a book written by a teacher who dedicated her life to improving the lives of nomadic forest people in Jambi, Sumatra. Trailer on YouTube. Recommended by Juke Carolina.

11. Tabula Rasa (Indonesia, 2014)

In this movie, a wannabe athlete from Papua flunks his tryout in the capital. After sampling a signature dish in a humble restaurant, he learns to cook to help the struggling locale. A memorable line from this movie, according to Juke Carolina who recommended the film: “A Padang restaurant, yet our chef is a Papuan”. She says:

It’s a light drama, with lots of food, mixed languages, and different cultures of Indonesia. But mostly, this movie made me crave Padang food afterwards. :)

Trailer on YouTube.

12. Joni's Promise (Indonesia, 2005)

A lighthearted film about a movie delivery man who meets a beautiful woman. Trailer on YouTube with English subtitles. Recommended by Juke Carolina.

13. Land Without Ears (Indonesia, 2014)

A political satire called Negeri Tanpa Telinga in Indonesian. Recommended by Juke Carolina.

14. Paper Dove (Peru, 2003)

Paloma de Papel, as it is titled in Spanish, tells the tale of a young man granted amnesty from terrorism charges and the difficult decisions he encounters after returning home. Recommended by Spanish Translation Manager Juan Arellano.

15. The Mouth of the Wolf (Peru, 2003)

This movie is about an anti-terrorist brigade that retakes a remote village, giving rise to the question: are the townspeople guilty too? Recommended by Juan Arellano.

16. Lovesickness (Puerto Rico, 2007)

This film (Maldeamores in the original Spanish) consists of three separate stories dealing with the ironies of love. The three stories involve a middle-class family, a hostage situation, and an elderly couple. The entire movie is available in Spanish on Vimeo from production company Calma Films. Recommended by Spanish-language editor Firuzeh Shokooh Vale.

17….And God Created Them (Puerto Rico, 1979)

Dios los cría features five stories of people dealing with feelings of betrayal, guilt and life in general. Recommended by Firuzeh Shokooh Vale.

18. No (Chile, 2012)

This film chronicles the efforts of a young advertising executive who spearheads the campaign to convince people to vote NO in a 1988 referendum on extending Chilean military dictator Augusto Pinochet's presidency. Trailer on YouTube with English subtitles. Recommended by author and social media team member Elizabeth Rivera.

19. Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten: Cambodians Lost Rock and Roll (Cambodia, 2014)

This documentary examines the rock music movement during the 1960s and 70s in Cambodia before the arrival of the genocidal Khmer Rouge. Trailer on YouTube in English. Recommended by author Raphael Tsavkko Garcia.

20. Epic Java (Indonesia, 2014)

A short film about humanity and nature, as told through shots of travel through the beautiful Java Island. Trailer on YouTube. Recommended by translator Juliana Harsianti.

21. Bran Nue Dae (Australia, 2009)

In this musical, young, star-crossed lovers are separated. Willie, an Aborigine at boarding school in Perth in 1969, dreams of reuniting with his sweetheart Rosie back in Broome. “This indigenous Shakespearean-style comedy is all fun as well as a great road trip on Western Australia’s coast,” says author Kevin Rennie, who recommended the movie. Trailer on YouTube.

22. Bim (Trinidad and Tobago, 1974)

This film follows the titular character Bhim as he copes with race, politics and working class challenges in colonial Trinidad. Recommended by Caribbean editor Janine Mendes-Franco.

23. The Harder They Come (Jamaica, 1972)

An aspiring Reggae musician is thrust into a world of corruption as he tries to find success in this classic movie. Trailer on YouTube. Recommended by Janine Mendes-Franco.

24. Heneral Lunda (Philippines, 2015)

An epic biopic about the exploits of a Filipino general during the Philippine-American War at the turn o the 20th century. Author Karlo Mikhail Mongaya, who recommended the film, says it caused “quite a stir” when it was released, “raising public interest in history as well as issues of national sovereignty vis-a-vis US military presence and Chinese incursions in PH waters.” Trailer on YouTube with English subtitles.

25. Lilet Never Happened (Philippines, 2012)

This film examines child prostitution in Manila through the turbulent story of one girl. Trailer on YouTube. Recommended by Karlo Mikhail Mongaya.

26. Bayan Ko: My Own Country (Philippines, 1984)

This film, called Bayan ko: Kapit sa patalim, chronicles a man's life of poverty and desperation during the time of the Ferdinand Marcos’ dictatorship. Recommended by Karlo Mikhail Mongaya.

27. Orapronobis (Philippines, 1989)

In the words of Karlo Mikhail Mongaya, who recommended the film, this movie “shows the persistence of human rights violations, especially with the rise of state-sponsored anti-communist paramilitary groups, even after the fall of the dictatorship.”

28. Sister Stella L (Philippines, 1984)

A nun helps factory workers on strike in this movie. Recommended by Karlo Mikhail Mongaya.

29. Himala (Philippines, 1982)

In this film, a teenage girl reports seeing the Virgin Mary appear on a hilltop, causing hysteria in the small town where she lives. Trailer on YouTube with English subtitles. Recommended by Karlo Mikhail Mongaya.

30. City After Dark (Philippines, 1980)

The dark side of Manila nightlife is on display in this movie, also called Manila By Night. Trailer on YouTube with English subtitles. Recommended by Karlo Mikhail Mongaya.

31. Ilo Ilo (Singapore, 2013)

In this film, which author Kristen Han says “has done very well in film festivals around the world but probably still isn't that well known”, follows the life and relationship of a migrant domestic worker and her young charge in 1990s Singapore. Trailer on YouTube with English subtitles.

32. Open Arms, Closed Doors (Brazil, 2012)

A short journalistic piece for Al Jazeera with a focus on the challenges African migrants in Brazil face. Available in full on Al Jazeera's website. Recommended by author Rodrigo Borges Delfim.

33. Nairobi Half Life (Kenya, 2012)

An aspiring actor who moves to Nairobi discovers there's more to the city than glitz and glamour in this film. Trailer on YouTube. Recommended by author Pernille Baerendtsen.

34. Samaki Mcangani (Tanzania, 2014)

This short movie follows the complicated journey of one Tanzanian entrepreneur. Trailer on YouTube. Recommended by Pernille Baerendtsen.

35. Kontroll (Hungary, 2003)

A dark comedy about a metro ticket inspector and his team. Trailer on YouTube with English subtitles. Recommended by translator Zsuzsa Ládi.

36. Liza the Fox-Fairy (Hungary, 2015)

In this film, a nurse is cursed by a dead Japanese pop star, who makes it so all men who desire her die horribly. Trailer on YouTube with English subtitles. Recommended by Zsuzsa Ládi.

37. A Kind of America (Hungary, 2002)

Valami Amerika is a movie that follows a young director's attempts to woo an American producer. Trailer on YouTube. Trailer on YouTube with English subtitles. Recommended by Zsuzsa Ládi.

38. The Tribe (Ukraine, 2014)

This movie about a boarding school for speech- and hearing-impaired young people is produced entirely in sign language. “It serves as a stark depiction of the darker sides of post-Soviet Ukrainian society,” says RuNet Echo editor Tanya Lockot, who recommended it. Trailer on YouTube.

39. Winter on Fire (Ukraine, 2015)

This Academy Award-nominated documentary explores the Euromaidan revolution in Ukraine. Trailer on YouTube, and available on Netflix in its entirety. Recommended by Tanya Lockot.

40. The Garage (Soviet Union, 1979)

This tragicomedy “shows off the best and worst of Soviet mentality”, says Tanya Lockot, who recommended it.

41. Bad Hair (Venezuela, 2013)

Pelo Malo is a film about a young boy who clashes with his mother over his obsessive efforts to straighten his hair. Trailer on YouTube with English subtitles. Recommended by Latin America editor Mary Aviles.

42. All the Power (Mexico, 2000)

A black comedy about the level of violence plaguing Mexico. Trailer on YouTube in Spanish. Recommended by Mary Aviles.

43. Wild Tales (Argentina, 2014)

An Oscar-nominated ensemble film that tells six different stories exploring violence, vengeance and the extremes of human behavior. Trailer on YouTube with English subtitles. Recommended by Mary Aviles.

44. The Strategy of the Snail (Colombia, 1993)

This film, called La estrategia del caracol in Spanish, explores the gap between rich and poor through the story of a building owner kicking out the tenants. Recommended by Mary Aviles.

45. Love's a Bitch (Mexico, 2000)

Amores Perros tells the stories of three people connected by a car accident. Trailer on YouTube with English subtitles. Recommended by Mary Aviles.

46. Nine Queens (Argentina, 2000)

Two con artists try to get their hands on a sheet of counterfeit rare stamps known as the “nine queens”. Trailer on YouTube in English. Recommended by Mary Aviles.

47. Still Walking (Japan, 2008)

“A great portrayal of Japanese family life,” says Japan editor Nevin Thompson, who recommended the film about grown children visiting their aging parents. Trailer on YouTube with English subtitles.

48. Taita Boves (Venezuela, 2010)

This film recounts the cruel rise of military man Jose Tomás Boves during the Venezuelan War of Independence in the early 1800s. Trailer on YouTube in Spanish. Recommended by Latin America community manager Laura Vidal.

49. Young and Wild (Chile, 2012)

In this movie, a young woman blogs her experience exploring her sexuality and dealing with her strictly Christian parents. Trailer on YouTube with English subtitles. Recommended by Laura Vidal.

50. The Maid (Chile, 2009)

A comedy-drama about a family's longtime maid staking out her territory after her employers hire extra help. Trailer on YouTube with English subtitles. Recommended by Laura Vidal.

51. The Malagasy Way (Madagascar, 2014)

A documentary that highlights the ingenuity of the Malagasy people in re-purposing items in the midst of economic crisis. Trailer on YouTube. Recommended by Francophone Africa editor Lova Rakotomalala.

52. Timbuktu (Mali, 2014)

Islamist militants interrupt the life of a cattle herder and his family. The film chronicles how the group tries to control various aspects of day-to-day in Timbuktu, from singing to cigarettes. Trailer on YouTube. Recommended by Lova Rakotomalala.

53. Fatima (France, 2015)

This film draws a portrait of modern-day France through the eyes of a North African woman who raises her two teenage daughters alone while cleaning houses to get by and teaching herself writing. The story is based on the autobiography of Fatima Elayoubi. Trailer on YouTube. Recommended by French Translation Manager Suzanne Lehn.

54. West Beirut (Lebanon, 1988)

This movie recounts Lebanon's civil war and the partition of Beirut along religious lines through the eyes of one high school boy. Trailer on YouTube. Recommended by author Mohamad Najem.

55. Under the Bombs (Lebanon, 2007)

After Israel drops airstrikes on Lebanon, leaving portions of the country in ruins, a woman convinces a taxi driver to help her find her son and sister. Trailer on YouTube with English subtitles. Recommended by Mohamad Najem.

56. Gimme the Power (Mexico, 2012)

This rock-and-roll-fueled documentary uses the story of band Molotov to tell the wider tale of Mexico's social and political realities. Trailer on YouTube in Spanish. “Most of the time I try to recommend this documentary to foreigners interested in learning about the last 50 or 60 years of Mexican history,” says author Juan Tadeo.

57. The Perfect Dictatorship (Mexico, 2014)

This film depicts the struggle of Mexicans against a corrupt government with a grip on the media. It may be satire, but it's not so inaccurate, either. Trailer on YouTube. Recommended by author J. Tadeo.

58. Şərikli çörək (Azerbaijan, 1969)

This film chronicles the story of a young boy during Soviet Azerbaijan and the struggles of life in that time. Recommended by author Arzu Geybullayeva.

59. Leviathan (Russia, 2014)

In this drama, a man's home is put on the chopping block by a corrupt mayor, and his bad luck doesn't stop there. Trailer on YouTube with English and French subtitles. Recommended by author Arzu Geybullayeva.

60. The Open Door (Egypt, 1964)

This film (الباب المفتوح) follows a woman as she challenges the social constraints placed on her as a woman. Recommended by translator Rawan Gharib.

61. Love in the Cell (Egypt, 1983)

In this movie (حب في الزنزانة), a man and a woman find love in an unlikely place — prison — but once free have a hard time getting over that part of their past. Recommended by Rawan Gharib.

62. Rags and Tatters (Egypt, 2013)

When the doors of Egypt's prisons are suddenly opened, among the thousands who wander out is one man trying to find his way. Recommended by Rawan Gharib.

63. Embrace of the Serpent (Colombia, 2015)

In this film, the last member of an Amazonian tribe works together with two scientists to find a sacred plant. Trailer on YouTube. Recommended by author Lully Posada.

64. As I Open My Eyes (Tunisia, 2015)

A teenage girl joins a rock band on the eve of the Tunisian revolution. Trailer on YouTube. Recommended by Suzanne Lehn.

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