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What Should We Name the GV Newsroom Podcast?

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Photo by Flickr user Mingo Hagen. CC BY 2.0 [1]

Photo by Flickr user Mingo Hagen. CC BY 2.0

Thousands of eyes from around the world read Global Voices stories every day. Why not have thousands of ears listening, too?

The newsroom is experimenting with putting together a podcast that reviews news from the week and/or goes further in depth into certain topics. But we need a name! Something sharp, catchy and that captures the kind of stories we cover.

So we're appealing to all the creative minds out there in the Global Voices community. What should we call our podcast? Let us know by going to following website:

feedback.globalvoicesonline.org/forums/348960-gv-podcast [2]

There, you can submit suggestions and vote for suggestions you like.