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Welcome to this week's edition of the Translator Newsletter! Today we're talking about…

The Ups & Downs of Freelancing

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Since many of us are freelancers, we know that a lot of the times it can feel like all or nothing. The Delaware Valley Translators Association wrote up this post to talk about how you can deal with all the twists and turns that come with freelancing, from how to market yourself during your free time to making “someday” lists. Read on and share some of your own tactics!

Translation Project Management

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Ever think about all the steps that go into getting a translation from the client to the translator and back? The people who take care of all that are called translation project managers and they are crucial to large translation companies! Translators Family wrote up this post to tell you more about this career option for those interested.

Translating for Cervantes

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According to TRANSLATIONiSTA, “April 22, 2016 will mark the four-hundredth anniversary of Cervantes’s death. To commemorate the occasion, the Hispanic Institute at Columbia University is collecting translations of the following sentence from the prologue to Cervantes’s Novelas ejemplares:

[Y]o soy el primero que he novelado en lengua castellana, que las muchas novelas que en ella andan impresas todas son traducidas de lenguas estranjeras, y éstas son mías propias, no imitadas ni hurtadas: mi ingenio las engendró, y las parió mi pluma, y van creciendo en los brazos de la estampa.

Submit your translations here by March 29, 2016.

Small Language Translators

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We all know there's a market for translation in languages like Spanish, French, and German. But what about Tagalog or Icelandic? How do you make a space for yourself in the translation industry if your language doesn't have quite as big an audience? Read on to learn what you can do!

Translation Meme

And what better way to start the week than with a little bit of laughter?

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Screenshot taken from Facebook


As always, thank you all for your hard work and dedication to GV! If you have any questions, comments, or ideas, feel free to email me at


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