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New Portuguese Translation Managers team on board!

Categories: Announcements, Lingua

I am very happy to announce that we have a new team of Portuguese Translation Managers! Please meet:

- Esther Dodo [1]: Our new Portuguese Translation Manager, based in Miami, US. Esther is a Brazilian translator, proofreader, and editor, with a degree in business and marketing. She has been with us for several years now. Follow Esther on LinkedIn [2] and Twitter [3]!
- Gustavo Xavier [4]: Our New Portuguese Translation Manager, based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Gustavo is a Brazilian English teacher-turned-translator. He is also doing Portuguese to English translations for us! Follow Gustavo on LinkedIn [5]!
- Diego Casaes [6]: Our New and returning Portuguese Translation Manager, based in São Paulo, Brazil. Diego is a Global Campaigner at Avaaz.org. Diego has been with GV since 2009, one of the veterans of the team :) Follow Diego on Facebook [7] and Twitter [8].
Welcome to the Translation Managers Family!