March, 2017

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GV Board Elections 2017: Annie Zaman

  March 9, 2017

Hi, I am Qurratulain Zaman known to many as Annie, and to a few as Mimi’s mother (Um-e-Umaima). I am really honoured to be nominated to represent this lovely, diverse and colorful community that I call family. Thanks again, I am truly humbled.! * I am based in London, but...

GV Board Elections 2017: Nevin Thompson

  March 6, 2017

My name is Nevin Thompson and I have been nominated as a community staff representative in the upcoming Global Voices board of directors elections being held March 16-20, 2017 (later this month). I first joined Global Voices in July 2005 as a volunteer writer, focusing on Japan, and I have...

GV Board Elections 2017: Arzu Geybulla(yeva)

  March 6, 2017

Dear friends, members of this extremely valuable and diverse community of GVers! I am writing this post to introduce myself as I too have been nominated for Volunteers’ Representative. Although I must say, I feel very unusually unprepared. It is most likely the result of me being from Azerbaijan and not...

GV Board Elections 2017: Endalk Chala

  March 6, 2017

My name is Endalkachew Hilemikael Chala. I contracted Endalkachew into Endalk. I find it easier to go by Endalk. Unlike in most of the western world in Ethiopia, we use our father’s name in both formal and informal contexts. But I dropped my father’s name (Hilemikael) in favor of adopting my grandfather’s...

GV Board Elections 2017: Rawan Gharib

  March 5, 2017

My name is Rawan Gharib; I am one of the Arabic Translation Managers, based in Cairo. I am running for the GV Board Elections as a volunteers’ representative. Let’s keep shaking walls and building bridges!