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New Portuguese Translation Manager on board and change in leadership!

Categories: Lingua, Translation Managers

Hello everyone! Recently, Gustavo Xavier [1] has decided to step down as Portuguese Translation [2] Manager due to time commitments. I have to say that he did a great job running the site, and it will be great having him contributing as a translator in the future. Thank you so much, Gustavo!

Also, I want to welcome Melina Coelho [2] (yes, sharing the last name of the famous author) to the editors’ team! Melina is a Brazilian based in São Paulo, and works as a freelance translator! She translates into both pairs of English and Portuguese, as well as from Spanish to Portuguese! She has been doing a great job helping running the site!

Follow her blog, Critical Thinking in Wonderland [3], for more of her writings!

The Portuguese Translation Managers’ team now consists of Esther, Ricardo, and Melina! Welcome, Melina!