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Announcing Portuguese Style Guide!

Categories: General

We at GV have felt the need for a Style Guide in Global Voices in Portuguese [1] to guide our team through the writing, translation, and revision process for quite some time. In order to make a Style Manual that fulfills the needs of our community, our editors and most active translators were asked what their most burning questions during the translation and editing stages of a post were.

Luiza [2] and I gathered the information we got from the community's feedback and, relying on our own experience at GV — as well as focusing on the translators’ recurring mistakes — wrote our Portuguese Style Guide [3]! We counted on the help of material sent by collaborators and the through studying Estadão‘s Style Manual (Manual de Redação e Estilo do Estado de São Paulo).

Much like a writer's job, a Style Guide is never finished and should be updated whenever there is information of utmost importance to be added.