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Post-Summit Action: Let's Make GV Famous!

Categories: GV 2017

During the GV Summit in Colombo, we heard many attendees talking about the great future and the larger audience they envisioned for GV. In addition, some of them, as Newsroom and Lingua editors, also represented their teams of enthusiastic volunteer authors and translators.

However, several GVers (at the Summit or in other meetings) also mentioned that their circle of family or friends did not know anything about GV and don't have the reflex to read us. That's a shame, because what we should be known as a serious and reliable news source outside of the GV community! The workshop “Let's Make GV Famous!”, held in Colombo on November 30th, 2017, was a first brainstorming session about what we, GVers, could do about it.

In this very packed and lively hour-long workshop, we had, in fact, 3 discussions:

What was the purpose of this workshop?

What tactics and strategies did we discuss?

So… What do we do next?

The participants below volunteered to take the lead on the following topics:

  1.      Define metrics – Kevin [3], Nevin [4]
  2.      Create slogans – Emma [5], Elisa [6], Gohary [7]
  3.      Strategies for distribution – Faisal [8]
  4.      Multi-branding – Saffah [9]

If you're interested in any of these topics, get in touch with me using the contact form on my profile [10] or with one of the other volunteers in charge!