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Translate #RightsCon: Call for Arabic, French and Spanish speakers

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RightsCon Toronto 2018 [1] is the 7th event in the RightsCon Summit Series. It’s one of the world’s leading conference on human rights in the digital age, with conversations and panels relevant and important around the world. We’re looking for volunteer translators who speak Arabic, French and Spanish to assist a number of translation efforts for Rightscon summit [2] on May 16–18 at Toronto.

Previously, Meedan [3] collaborated with Access now [4] and Global Voices Lingua [5] to develop out the RightsCon Translation Lab.

“The RightsCon Translation Lab runs with a simple idea: let’s translate all the best Tweets from #RightsCon into Spanish, French and Arabic.”

In 2016 we translated  [6]127 tweets to Arabic, 568 tweets to French and 286 to Spanish. Some of the translators even worked on translating to more than one language!

Let’s do it again in 2018!

Volunteers will dedicate some of their time before the conference to get some training sessions on how to use the application, working with the Meedan [7]team to familiarize themselves with Bridge [8].

If you’re a translator working in Arabic, French or Spanish and want to support this translation initiative, please complete this form [9]. If you want to know more how you can get involved, contact Noha Daoud noha@meedan.com [10] or Wafaa Heikal [11] wafaa@meedan.com [12].