Lauren steps down as news editor

I have some important news to share: After more than five years in the Global Voices newsroom, first as lead sub-editor and then as news editor, it’s time for me to move on to a new career challenge.

My last day as Global Voices news editor will be Friday, July 13, after which I will be taking up the role of storytelling lead at Mobilisation Lab, a global network of organizers, activists, and researchers who together experiment with practices and technologies that accelerate social change.

This wasn’t an easy decision for me to make. Global Voices has been a constant presence in my life for seven meaningful, challenging, and just plain fun years, starting in 2011 when I joined as a volunteer Spanish-to-English translator.

As many others have experienced, I was quickly bitten by the Global Voices bug. (“A virtual storytelling community promoting cross-border connection and understanding? Give me more!”) By 2012 I was also volunteering as a sub-editor in the newsroom, giving posts a final review before publication.

In 2013, I was brought on board as a part-time sub-editor to help our authors and editors write with consistent clarity, purpose, and context.

And in 2014, I became news editor at the same time that Sahar took up the mantle of managing editor, and I have happily worn this hat ever since. To everyone I've collaborated with over these years, directly and indirectly, your ideas, your exchange, and your participation have made every day of this opportunity a treat.

But as the ever-wise Nwach, community manager for our Sub-Saharan Africa team, recently told me, change is the only permanent thing. We at Global Voices find ourselves at a crucial juncture where we must deliberate the future of our organization — how we can best organize our efforts for impact in a faster, noisier, and more dangerous world. I've found myself undergoing a similar reflection on my own life, and have come to the conclusion that this change is right for me.

This might sound like a goodbye, but I promise it isn't. Once a GVer, always a GVer! Although I'm stepping down as news editor, you'll continue to see me around as a community member, and I'm excited to see what we at Global Voices achieve as we move into the future — together.

Because what we do here isn't simple, but is so very important. This community is a bright spot when there is so much darkness. It is a much-needed bridge over a sea of division.

Being a part of the Global Voices community has broadened my world and made me a better listener, thinker, and all around person. I've gotten to travel and make friends all over the globe — all without ever leaving home. I've also been able to leave home and see some of these places and meet some of these friends face to face, in eight countries across four continents. 

I’m endlessly inspired by all of your passion, intelligence, curiosity and creativity. Working with Global Voices has truly been a life-changing privilege, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to do so.

With lots of love, admiration and hope,


P.S. Wondering what happens next? Make sure to read this post by Georgia and Ivan.


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