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UPDATED: Newsroom update: Mahsa steps down, Taisa's new role, and Brazil and Lusofone Africa

Categories: Announcements

At the end of September, the Newsroom will say goodbye to one member of our regional editors team. Mahsa [1], who’s been our Iran editor since the middle of 2014, will be stepping down at the end of this month, as she’ll be starting as an Information Controls Fellow with the Open Technology Fund at the beginning of October. We’ll greatly miss having Mahsa on the team.

And we’re happy to announce that Taisa [2], who has been serving as Subeditor Lead in the Newsroom since mid-July, will be assuming the role of News Editor at the beginning of October.

September 27, 2018: In yesterday's post I forgot to include two other important changes to the Newsroom. Fernanda [3] and Dércio [4] have been acting as editors of Brazil and Lusofone Africa since mid-July, and we're pleased to confirm that they will continue in those roles.