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Workspaces of Global Voices

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If you've ever wondered where your fellow GVers do their work, scroll down! And keep checking periodically—we'll be adding photos as people post them online).

Natali, in Appleton, Wisconsin, USA:

Jentilisa, in Antananarivo, Madagascar:

Arzu, (normally in Istanbul) but currently in Cartagena, Colombia:

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A little late to the party but here is my #gvworkspace unfortunately this gorgeous view is only temporary until I return back to istanbul where I’m based (I promise to do another one of these once I’m back) I’m currently on a writing retreat in Colombia working on my book about Azerbaijan. for those among my followers who are not familiar with Global Voices, check out the platform. I’m a proud member of a very big, diverse, international family 🤗🍀➡️globalvoices.org #GV [14]

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Mieke, in Kockengen, Netherlands:

Joining in to show where I am when I am doing stuff for Global Voices. In Summer my neigbour's cows are in the fields you can see through the window, which makes for excellent distraction. Mooh! Kockengen, the Netherlands #gvworkspace #globalvoices

Prudence, in Kampala, Uganda:

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Home office. #GVworkspace [16]

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Joey, in Edinburgh, Scotland:

Here's Laura in Paris again. Like many of us, she has more than one preferred workspace!:

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Speaking of #gvworkspace , this is my dearest one. I should say the background and the work make strong contrast often times, and these days specially so, as the Venezuelan political crisis grows in complexity by the day. [18]

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Maisaa, in Sana'a, Yemen:

My wonderful world where I enjoy contributing with GV ♥♥

Emma, in Kingston, Jamaica:

Karlo, in Manila, Philippines:

#gvworkspace for me since late last year is the (borrowed) empty table at the faculty room where I've been squatting as temp instructor at the university. I put the laptop where those papers are placed and is online using mobile data (no free wifi haha).

Ivan, in Washington D.C, USA:

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#gvworkspace in 2019, saying hello to my @globalvoicesonline colleagues all over the world. We work remotely and rarely get to visit one another, so pictures of desks will have to serve! It’s usually much messier. [28]

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Juliana, in Indonesia:

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I'm been away for a moment, so I decide to posted my old photo. I have some cafe to work at, but my favorite is still my messy table in home, accompany with little friends, to deliver translations and articles for Global Voices. #gvworkspace #workfromhome #workspace #instadaily #homeoffice [30]

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Amanda Lichtenstein, in Skokie, Illinois, USA:

“Photo in the background by Pernille Bærendtsen and frame from Zanzibar.”

Nevin, in Victoria, Canada:

“My cluttered standing desk, where I write the best.”

Carolina, in Charleville-Mézières, France:

“On the background a personalized farewell Batik from my friends way back when and Galopette the horse will be my colleague for today.”

Dércio, in Bordeaux, France:

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My #gvworkspace #office #home @globalvoicesonline | From this (well organized) place, I take 'Lusophone Africa' to the world. [32]

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Manuel, in Portugal:

Alena, in Diemen, Netherlands:

“Yes! The Christmas tree is still with us! With Russian Old New Year, we’ve missed the day arranged to throw it away. #thenetherlands#gvworkspace”

Veroniki, in Athens, Greece:

Joining our virtual global desktop… :) #gvworkspace #WaitForTheSunInTheMorning #globalvoices

Laura, in Paris, France:

“Here’s one of my many #GVworkspace spots!This is one of my favorite places in town, a warm and cute place in the Marais :-)”

Pantha, in Dhaka, Bangladesh:

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Global Voices-এর বন্ধুরা কোথায় লেখালিখি করেন, সেটা শেয়ার করছেন। আমিও করলাম। তবে আমি বিপণনলিপি-ই বেশি লিখি! #gvworkspace [37]

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Rawan, in Giza, Egypt:

#gvworkspace 💚

Geplaatst door Rawan Gharib [39] op Maandag 28 januari 2019 [40]

Elisa, in Aachen, Germany:

Joining the call to post a photo of where I'm usually sitting when contributing to @global_voices :) Left: Old DIY jewellery box and old painting of Fela Kuti by me, postcard of Crete, old diaries and notebooks (damn, a lot of old stuff). Centre: Broken whiteboard (not old, just cheap) with a postcard of the work of art by Lidia Lidia called Madonna and Child, kindly sent by Paula Goes, some photos from friends and a diagram of the German prepositions.
Right: I keep my coffee warm for hours with this cool widget, a dream come true my hub gifted me.

Kevin, in Melbourne, Australia:

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For globalvoicesonline #gvworkspace: A tidied version of my work desk. Many memories hiding in plain view. Table cover from 2012 GV Nairobi Summit. UN Declaration of Human Rights is not staged – a compass for a world at sea NB Article 19. Mouse pad is a cartoon by delightful Australian #firstdogonthemoon. [41]

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Pernille, in Copenhagen, Denmark:

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When in Copenhagen, this is where I write my @globalvoicesonline pieces (and do other stuff). On a stable desk, with fast Internet, extremely rare power cuts… #gvworkspace [43]

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Ian in Bordeaux, France:

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- Where amazing NGOs operate – #gvworkspace @globalvoicesonline 📰@surfridereurope 🌊@plasticodyssey 💧 @jgifrance 🦍 [45]

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Anastasia in Amsterdam, Netherlands:

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Она ездила со мной на саммит GlobalVoices. Внутри. Теперь помогает работать. Снаружи.:) She was with me at the Summit GlobalVoices. Inside. And now she’s helping me with my work. Outside. #netherlands #zaandam #gvworkspace [47]

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Tadeo, in Mexico City:

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As some of my fellow GV’ers (@globalvoicesonline) have done, I’m sharing a glimpse of the little corner I use when I work for this fabulous organisation. I would love it if I could spend more hours in there every week! #GVworkspace #DayInTheLifeOfGV #desk #workplace #GlobalVoices #Advox [49]

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Gabriela, in Lima, Peru:

Gohary, in Cairo, Egypt:

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My #gvWorkSpace, my home office where I work for @globalvoicesonline [55]

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Neunzero, in Hong Kong:

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#gvworkspace [57]

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Jer Clarke, in Montreal, Canada:

Marianna Breytman, in Washington Heights, New York City:

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A little glimpse into my @globalvoicesonline workspace (occasionally referred to as the right corner of my comically small apartment). #gvworkspace #sundayvibes [59]

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Filip Noubel in Prague, Czech Republic:

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#gvworkspace after a major reorganization of the room, and with the full approval of the cats to make sure they have a view on the street bellow 🐱 [61]

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Georgia Popplewell, in Trinidad and Tobago:

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This was supposed to be a temporary workspace while I undertook a massive office-cleaning exercise. More than two weeks later I’m still camped out here with much less desk space, less ready access to certain books and tools, but fewer distractions. #office #homeoffice #workspace #gvworkspace [63]

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Day and night (swipe left). #office #workspace #homeoffice #gvworkspace [65]

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