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New Igbo and Santali Lingua sites are now live!

Categories: Announcements, Lingua, Translation Managers

It is my pleasure to announce that our new Igbo [1] and Santali [2] Lingua sites are now live!

GV Igbo Lingua will be managed by Chidiebere Blessing [3], based in Nigeria. She has a master's degree in Igbo Education from the University of Lagos, and she teaches Igbo at the same university! You can follow her on Facebook [4] and LinkedIn [5]!

Our Santali Translation Manager is Ashwani Murmu [6], based in India. Besides working for the state bank of India. Ashwani is a Santali language activist and works for the promotion of the Santali language. He is also an administrator in Santali Wikipedia! You can follow him on Facebook [7], Twitter [8] and LinkedIn [9]!

And if you're interested in joining Igbo or Santali Linguas, fill out this form [10] and we will get back to you! And share it to your networks :)