GV Board Elections 2020: Presenting our new community representatives!

GV's new community board representatives (L to R): Annie Zaman, Arzu Geybulla, Mohamed ElGohary.

We’re pleased to announce the results of the GV Board elections 2020, and to welcome our new community representatives to the GV Board: Annie Zaman and Arzu Geybulla will be our new Volunteers’ representatives, and Mohamed ElGohary will be our Contractors’ representative.

We had a record turnout this year: 360 people voted, compared with 314 in 2017, and 180 in 2013.

Official tally from the Helios voting platform.

Volunteers Representative
Annie Zaman 132
Arzu Geybulla 105
Tanya Lokot 86
Kevin Rennie 85
Tori Egherman 73
Subhashish Panigrahi 72
Ahmed Medien 64
Khojasta Sameyee 57
Adéṣínà Ghani Ayẹni (Ọmọ Yoòbá)

Contractors’ Representative
Mohamed ElGohary 142
Gabriela García Calderón 109
Nwach Egbunike 56
Mong Palatino 53

Congratulations to Annie, Arzu and Gohary— we know they’ll represent the community to the best of their abilities, and look forward very much to having them on the GV board.

And a big thank you to all of the candidates for being a part of this exercise, and to the GV community for turning out to vote in record numbers this year!


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