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Council 2020 Next Steps: Follow-up meetings and Action Groups!

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Hey GVers! This post is a follow up to Community Council 2020 Issue Paper 1: Expanding and diversifying participation [1] and the Zoom calls we had with Council members on July 23 and 25. I’ll start by summarizing the discussion and the ideas Council members came up with, then move on to specifics about the follow-up meetings we will be holding, and our hopes for the formation of Action Groups where council members will work together to work on their ideas!

Who is missing from GV, and how can we welcome them and their talents?

The initial discussion took place over email and Zoom at the end of July, where we discussed two key questions and brainstormed solutions: Who is missing from the GV community, why are they missing, and what do we miss out on due to their absence? And What are concrete initiatives the GV Community could undertake to welcome those people?

The conversation led to many places we didn’t expect, and participants brought up a wide diversity of groups that are excluded from GV in different ways. To help capture these ideas, we used Google Jamboard [2] to create a virtual whiteboard full of stickies. Here’s the Jamboard that consolidates the answers to the first question:

Screenshot of jamboard with many "sticky notes" showing. The stickies show different groups of people missing from GV and how we could welcome them. [3]

Click to view full size image.

The responses range from the need to include media production experts, people who lack the resources to volunteer, to those who don’t speak languages we work in.

Here’s the Jamboard summarizing the second question, about what we can do to welcome these missing groups:

Screenshot of jamboard with many "sticky notes" showing. The stickies show initiatives we could run to be more inclusive with details of what would be involved. [4]

Click to view full size image.

So what do we do with all these ideas? We think the conversation so far is inherently valuable, – forcing us to confront our limitations and keep them in mind for the future. But we also want to help push these issues forward by forming sub-groups dedicated to continuing these discussions and taking action on them!

Follow-Up Topics, Ranked

The first step was to organize the recommendations into what we (i.e. the core team) see as the most urgent and actionable projects: Here’s what we came up with, in the order that we suggest they be tackled. The first three are the ones we’re planning to start working on immediately:

Our plan for now is to start with the first three, and move toward taking direct action on them. Read on to learn how we imagine this going!

Follow-up Meetings and Action Groups

The first step for each topic that we try to tackle as a Council will be a follow-up meeting similar to the normal Council Zoom calls. The main difference is that each of these follow-up meetings will be dedicated to a single topic, and only those interested in working on the topic under discussion need to attend.

The agenda for each follow-up meeting will be built  in advance  as a collaborative Google Doc  open to the people who wish to be involved.

The goal is for each of these meetings to lead to  the formation of an Action Group, which will dedicate itself to working on the topic.

And that’s the overview, I hope it wasn’t too overwhelming! Below is a more detailed draft summary of the Follow-Up Meetings and Action Groups for you to consider and comment upon. These are our ideas for how we can make the best use of our time and effort within the Council 2020.

Follow Up Meetings

Action Groups

What do you think?

Please let us know how you feel about this plan for follow-up meetings and Action Groups to tackle these vital issues!

The whole point of the Council is to help GVers be more directly involved in the decisions and projects that will make our community vibrant and effective, so we hope these ideas get you excited about participating. Please let us know what you think in the comments or on the Council Google Group.