Special Categories Temporary Guide – With video!

Hello everyone, Jer the GV Tech Lead here. In this post I share a pair of new guides — one 20min video and one exhaustive Google Doc – that explain the new “Special Categories” system we will be using to replace the old “Special Coverage Pages” system which is now deprecated.

These guides have two main audiences: Editors who work on “Special Coverage” (now “Special Categories”) and Translation Managers who run Lingua sites and want to translate the new Special Categories.

For a full, detailed explanation of the system, with step-by-step instructions,  please read the Google Doc guide: https://bit.ly/gv-special-categories-temp-guide

The Google Doc is a good reference you can come back to later when you need to do something using this system, since it goes through each aspect in a methodical way.

To get started though, I recommend the video instead! In it I give a whirlwind tour of the new features and how they relate to what came before, and what is hopefully to come. The video is a bit messy, but hopefully helps you get a sense of the new tools so the Google Doc isn't such a slog to work through.

Thanks for your attention, and please get in touch with me (here or on the Global Voices Slack) if you have feedback or notice problems ??

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