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Global Voices November 2021 highlights

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People releasing khom lois (hot air lanterns) at the YeePeng Festival Chiang Mai, Malaysia. This was a part of the Buddhist Loy Krathong Festival, which takes place in November. Photo [1] by John Shedrick (CC BY 2.0)

Thanks to everyone for all your contributions in November 2021, which was a remarkably busy month for GV:

Welcome to the following new contributors who published their first GV story or translation in November 2021!

Alessia Plattner, Asli Ismayilizade, Aws Ahmad, Davide Caffi, Desiré Merlo, Diana Harabagiu, Elena Silv, Federica Azzena, Global Voices Iran, JAM News, Kabar Lahariya, Khloud Fahmy, Konstantina Lena, Leonardo Azevedo, Marta F., Nana Asamoah, Prensa Comunitaria, Sandra Rocha, Tatyana Pomazan, Unbias the News.

And welcome to Nathaly Espitia Díaz and Andres Lombana-Bermudez, who will be working with Rising Voices on a project on digital safety for indigenous communities.

Changes to the Global Voices board [2]: Last month the Global Voices board welcomed Akwe Amosu (a member of our very first board), said farewell to board chair James Deane as he ended his board term, and appointed Mary-Kay Magistad as new board chair.

Civic Media Observatory: GV's Civic Media Observatory [3] (CMO) project launched Undertones [4], a newsletter highlighting the CMO's media analysis work. Each edition will explore one of the events, emerging trends or phenomena being studied by the CMO's research teams. Make sure to subscribe [5]!

GV media and conference appearances:

Number of stories published on GV in English [13]: 93 (down from 100 in October)

Total pageviews (all sites):  427,130 (down from 492,932 in October)

Top 10 posts by pageviews (includes only recent posts):

  1. Malaysian rapper Namewee breaks the hearts of mainland Chinese ‘little pinks’ [14] by Oiwan Lam (3,057)
  2. Barbados prime minister Mia Mottley’s defence of Small Island Developing States at COP26 makes her a regional rock star [15] by Janine Mendes-Franco (2,292)
  3. Controversial Jamaican pastor dies in car crash on the way to being charged for ‘cult’ deaths [16] by Emma Lewis (1,858)
  4. In Turkey, 30 people face investigation over social media posts that ‘insulted the president’ [17] by Arzu Geybullayeva(1,791)
  5. The mysterious origin of the name of Armenia city in Colombia [18] by Kelly Chaib de Mares, translated into English by Teodora C. Hasegan (1,768)
  6. The Zhang Gaoli sexual assault scandal: Political power struggle or #Metoo? [19] by Oiwan Lam (1,422)
  7. A sweeping spate of murders rivals COVID-19’s ‘third wave’ in Jamaica [20] by Emma Lewis (1,289)
  8. Película china «La batalla del lago Changjin» convierte la dolorosa historia de la guerra de Corea en gloriosa victoria [21] by Oiwan Lam, translated into Spanish by Gabriela García Calderón Orbe (1,053)
  9. A dive into young people’s discontent through the Hong Kong indie band, My Little Airport [22] by Oiwan Lam (1,025)
  10. Could Jamaica’s ‘wickedest city’ become a UNESCO World Heritage Site? [23] by Janine Mendes-Franco (945)

Top 15 countries from which people visited GV sites:

    1. United States
    2. Germany
    3. Brazil
    4. France
    5. Japan
    6. Spain
    7. United Kingdom
    8. Mexico
    9. Philippines
    10. Italy
    11. Canada
    12. Colombia
    13. Argentina
    14. Russia
    15. India

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