Introducing new GV Instagram concepts for 2022

Hello, this is Juke, Global Voices’ new Social Media Lead. I'm excited to announce that GV's social media team is focusing on steadying our outreach efforts, improving our online engagements, and deepening our relationship with our readers, partners, the general public, and of course, our community members.

September 2022 marked the end of the classic InstaGV takeover. A new season of Instagram will be launched in October. The takeover revamps will not entirely end the classic takeover we knew and loved. What’s previously known as InstaTakeover, will be known as Humans of GV, in addition to that, we’re introducing the GV Insiders, bi-weekly visual storytelling of the thought and management processes of Global Voices, as told by GV leads and managers.

GV Insiders

GV Insiders’ illustration for Social Media.

The  GV Insiders will offer the public a glimpse of how Global Voices operates, as a fully-remote, sometimes asynchronous, volunteer-based, not-for-profit media organization, that has helped build understanding and thrived for nearly 20 years.

GV Insiders will focus heavily on our work and the presence of Global Voices as a nonprofit organization and independent online media. More importantly, the Insiders will be used to showcase the important work we’re doing, spotlight ongoing themes and projects, acknowledge challenges of international remote work and celebrate how we rise above them, and last but not least, recognize the contributions of our colleagues and contributors.

Content on GV Insiders

What stories and content will we share on GV Insiders?

There are an unlimited number of topics that can be featured and talked about through GV Insiders: Special coverages and pilots, ongoing projects that deserve more visibility, calls for volunteering targeting a specific region, engaging through translations, our Twitter Spaces or podcasts, congratulating a volunteer for their writing or translating milestones, the launch of a community social media account, and more. There are truly many topics that can be explored through GV’s Instagram handle.


GV Insiders will have two formats:

1.     Takeover

The takeover means that the Instagram account will be hosted for five days by Global Voices leaders and managers from various divisions.

2.     Interview

An interview style is a new approach that we’re going to pilot. It will be a five-question interview directed to leaders and managers about their divisions or project. Once the interview is done, Juke will share the interview through posts and stories on Instagram over a five day period.


What will GV Insiders look like?

Here are a couple of great examples of our GV Insider pilots, and explanations as to what made them great.

  1.     Marco Martinez

Marco Martinez is the Communities Manager for Rising Voices (RV). His latest Instagram combines storytelling about RV projects, what has been done to enhance RV’s work, and what his roles are in RV. Furthermore, he uses different languages. We are excited to explore making our social media presence more multilingual. Personal pictures are highly recommended as we love putting names to faces of our GV Insiders!

  1. Alexandra Essenler 

The second example is Alex Essenler. As a GV alumna, Alex talked about the organization where she currently works. Through a carrousel style post (multiple pictures in one post), Alex highlights her organization’s mission goals and targets. This is something that helps visually explain projects and milestones in your division and highlight the values of the work you do.









GV Insiders will take place on odd weeks of the month (the first and the third week)  for a duration of five days (Monday until Friday). A Google sheet, where you can add your name and contact details, will be shared later on.

Humans of GV

Humans of GV's illustration for social media promotion by Juke C. Bransiecq.

Humans of GV (HoGV) is a new concept that mixes human interests, storytelling, and photography. It’s a dedicated space to find and express our voices and heal, in visually compelling ways. The first HoGV theme will be exploring the post-global pandemic through your lenses.

As a GVer, whether you’re an active volunteer or contractor, or a part of the GV alumni network, what are the changes you experienced (or currently experiencing) since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic? Did society and your temporality (politics, environment, culture, etc.) change during and with the pandemic? In what way?

We all have coped with the pandemic in a multitude of ways. If you’d like, feel free to share your coping mechanism, whether was through art, hobbies, or something else, we would love to hear your stories.

Apart from being a unique experimental program conducted over social media platforms, I hope the Humans of GV can be a safe space for us to heal as individuals, connect with like-minded people, and deepen our connection and solidarity within our networks.

The closest examples of this experimental program would be Humans of New York and Humans of Bombay, however, the two are predefined by geography, while the spirit GV is unburdened by geographical boundaries.  The commonality between Humans of New York and Humans of Bombay lies in the principle of “one story at a time.” With HoGV we’re aiming to share one person’s story at a time about our human experiences before, during, and post-pandemic. In our own words.

For instance, when hosting a HoGV week, I’ll be posting:

  1. A picture/video or any digital illustrations from before the pandemic struck. How life was back then. Perhaps also talking about the freedom of mobility and air travel without COVID restrictions.
  2. A picture/video or any digital illustrations from the moment COVID was declared a global pandemic. What happened then, changes in politics, the society where we are.

3. A few recent pictures/videos or any digital illustrations that tell your story of how life post-pandemic is. Life can be defined in extensive ways, personal life, political life and freedom, social life, etc.

Time and duration of Humans of GV

Humans of GV will take place on Monday–Friday on the second and fourth week of the month. A Google sheet, where you can add your name and contact details, will be shared later on.


Q: Am I allowed to create a Reel, Story, and the interactive features of Instagram?

A: Of course! GV Insiders and Humans of GV contributors are encouraged to use their methods of preference, may it be video, or pictures.

Q: I’m more comfortable communicating in my mother tongue. Can I post in non-English language?

A: Definitely. Instagram is now supported with a translation feature. One of our Social Media missions is to create a multilingual space on our various social media presences.

Q: My login attempts failed. What should I do?

A: Reach out to juke[dot]carolina[at]globalvoices[dot]org to resolve the issues.

Q: Does this involve me sharing my photo or location?

A: Personal and digital safety should be put first. If you’re working on sensitive issues that require anonymity, avoid using Instagram’s geolocalization feature (this includes geographical hashtags).  If you’re not comfortable revealing your face, that’s fine too. There are plenty of ways to define ‘self’ creatively (including with Avatars, caricatures, favorite emoji, memes, throwback photos, etc.)

Q: Any online safety recommendations?

A: Avoid sharing sensitive data, that may be poached online and exploited. This includes your basic personal data (including complete address, date of birth, etc.), travel details (mentioning your destination is fine), and personal signature.

More will be added to this FAQ.

If you’d like to be on Humans of GV or are geeking about social media platforms in general, please reach out to me through email, DM on Instagram (@tsarolina), or Slack.

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