February, 2015

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What Would GV Look Like if We Were Starting from Scratch?

  February 28, 2015

This was another question posed to the attendees of the GV Summit. Attendees were split up in different groups to discuss this prompt, and these are some of their ideas. What might GV look like taking into consideration the very different context in which we work? What would change? What...

From the Summit: Unheard Communities and Addressing the Challenge

  February 27, 2015

What voices are missing from the online conversation? During the internal meeting at the GV Summit in Cebu, I asked that very question to the attendees during my Rising Voices presentation. I asked them to think about what communities are not very well represented on the Internet. We asked this...

Global Voices: The Bridge of Multiple Perspectives

  February 27, 2015

This post has been translated into English by Elisa Thiago. The original post can be found here. I have always been a boy with a restless heart. The silence of great little stories which I could observe in my everyday life died away and unfortunately remained restricted in the memory of...

Your Weekly Security Tip: CryptoCat!

  February 20, 2015

Hello GVers! This week we'll look at a simple tool that allows you to chat more securely with your friends and GV colleagues. What is CryptoCat? CryptoCat is a web app or browser add-on that encrypts your conversations. It works with most browsers. Encrypts my conversations…what does that mean? It means...

The Revolution Will Be Illustrated: Notes on Pixel Offensive

  February 19, 2015

The power of images and art as mediums of protest took the center stage during the “The Revolution Will Be Illustrated” session during the second day of the Global Voices Citizen Media Summit. I featured Pixel Offensive, an anonymous art collective based in the Philippines, while 12 other Global Voices...

Cross-border collaboration in the East Asia group

  February 6, 2015

It is usually difficult to continue the discussions and to build up a strong tie for cross-border collaboration after we all came back home after the GV summits. In the GV summit in Cebu, the East Asia group had discussed offline about how to collaborate. Most importantly, we finally had our first group dinner!

How the Cebu Print Media Covered the Global Voices Citizen Media Summit

  February 4, 2015

The open internet, freedom of information, the Philippine digital divide, and the promotion of local language use online are some of the issues that captured the attention of the Cebu mainstream print media which covered the Global Voices Citizen Media Summit last January 24-25. While members of the local press...

Our Voices: Juan Tadeo in Mexico

  February 4, 2015

Nacido en Ciudad de México en los años ochenta, Juan Tadeo se graduó de derecho de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) en 2009 y desde su blog ejerce su derecho a la libertad de expresión y escribe de variados temas, de justicia, política, transparencia… y a veces música y fútbol para hacerlo...