April, 2016

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The Unspoken War

  April 25, 2016

We live in interesting times. It's a kind of curse, isn't it? I guess the Chinese were right when they said that such times are the most perilous to live in. But what's interesting about the time that we live in, is that there's nothing all that special about it....

Captivated on Hanging Graveyard

  April 17, 2016

I and ambassadors along with diplomats from several countries had visited regions Kete’ Kesu and Londa. Both sites are located at mountain ridge area, not far from Rantepao in Toraja.

Translator Newsletter: Classes, Video Games, and More!

  April 17, 2016

Hello, GV'ers! Welcome to this week's edition of the Translator Newsletter! Today we're talking about… Getting Started as a Freelance Translator Corinne McKay, an American Translators Association-certified translator with almost 15 years of experience, offers a lot of great courses for both new and experience translators. The great thing about...