September, 2016

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In search of research/tech/news geeks: NewsFrames is hiring!

  September 28, 2016

Hi everyone, I hope you are having a great week.  We recently shared about our progress earlier this month on the NewsFrames Initiative, which hopefully started to clarify things. Let me highlight one bit from it: Currently we're thinking that NewsFrames Teams, through their Leads/Stewards and Members, will jointly pursue NewsFrames...

NewsFrames Meeting Minutes: Boston, September 2016

  September 21, 2016

Hello everyone! As promised very recently, NewsFrames has gotten off to a great start and we wanted to let you know what's on tap. Ivan, Georgia, Ellery, Jeremy and me as new-kid-on-the-block were graciously hosted from 12 to 16 September by Ethan and our MIT Media Lab friends from MediaCloud to get cracking on...

Global Voices to attend Youth Global Forum in Jakarta

  September 21, 2016

The Youth Global Forum 2016 will take place in Jakarta, Indonesia from Nov. 24 to 26 and Global Voices will be there. The forum, organized by Youth Time International Movement (YT), a non-governmental, non-profit organization established in Prague in 2010, will bring together 150 young people from around to world...

Les visages de Global Voices en français

  September 18, 2016

Notre équipe Global Voices Lingua ne cesse de s'agrandir: collaborateurs réguliers et occasionnels, blogueurs aguerris, professionnels de la traduction et amateurs de tous âges, nous sommes plus de trois cent cinquante sur quatre continents. Global Voices en français, c'est aussi une communauté active d'amoureux des langues et de citoyens engagés....

NewsFrames for GV

  September 7, 2016

Hi GV Community! Thanks so much for the introduction, Ivan, and I am excited to join Global Voices and work this project. This fall, in addition to getting acquainted with Global Voices and with work already underway with our partners at MediaCloud, we have a number of things on tap:...

A Day in the Life of a GV Translator

  September 2, 2016

Welcome to my office.  Pull up a chair.  For the next few minutes, I invite you to peek over my shoulder while I sit here at my desk and walk you through my own personal process for translating Global Voices posts.  My “desk” isn't nearly as fancy as the photo above suggests....