Jer Clarke · March, 2017

I am a human web developer from Montreal and the the technical lead for Global Voices. I am responsible for developing and maintaining our various sites, which mostly run on WordPress.

I've been building websites since 2003 and have spoken about web development and WordPress at events like WordCamp (San Francisco, NYC, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa) and ConFoo (Montreal).

My rarely updated blog is at, my photos are on Flickr and my cats are very very soft.

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GV Has Taglines On Posts Now?

  March 16, 2017

Here at Global Voices Tech HQ (my apartment) we try to avoid overloading the editing process for GV posts with a millionĀ steps and processes because we don't want you to have too many things to worry about and potentially mess up. Sometimes a new feature is worth it though, and...