Marie Bohner

French & German, free lance project coordinator and author, ongoing interest for women and human rights, media, cultures and societies. Special crush on food, arts and people's faces.

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Discussion, Drawing and Delight at the Francophone GV Meet Up May 2018 in Lyon

GV francophone meet up in Lyon, France on the 26 & 27 of May

Nour's Quest for Freedom from Raqqa to Berlin

Nour was still living in Raqqa just over a year ago. After passing through Turkey, she has today managed to reach Berlin. Here is her story.

Abdoulaye Bah, voix du monde sur Global Voices

Abdoulaye Bah est contributeur à Global Voices depuis décembre 2008. Originaire de la Guinée, en Afrique de l’ouest, il vit aujourd'hui principalement en Italie et en France. Il a déjà...