Oiwan Lam

a media activist, researcher and educator currently based in Hong Kong. my chinese writings are in inmediahk.net and my twitter account is @oiwan.

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2018 Editorial Goals: Documenting Threatened Voices in China

In the following post, Northeast Asia and China regional editor Oiwan Lam presents her plans to revive Threatened Voices' data on China.

Weekly Writing Tips: The Ethics of Quoting From Social Media

Just because it's public, does that mean you should use it? Oiwan delves into the ethics of using publicly available quotes from social media users.

Weekly Writing Tips: Don't Discount the Chinese Government's Online Public Opinion Analysis Just Yet

With a critical eye and a bit of research to fill in the gaps, Oiwan says these reports can be useful in writing about China's heavily censored social web.

Weekly Writing Tips: Get Inspired by Images

GV's Northeast Asia editor explains how to "decode" an image for a global audience.