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Cool Things Happening in the Newsroom: August 2016 Edition

Catch up on all the moving and shaking we've been doing these last few months in the Global Voices newsroom.

Weekly Writing Tips: Grab Some Popcorn for This One

In this week's writing tips, I'm sharing some of my favorite films related to journalism.

Weekly Writing Tips: How to Stay On Top of Social Media Reporting

I want to bring attention to the the recently published Social Media Reporter, an excellent, easy to follow and all-encompassing guide on news-gathering on social media.

Join the Global Voices Social Media Team

We are looking for a dynamic social media savvy GVer like yourself to join our social media team!

Introducing Global Voices Videos on Facebook — Help Spread the GV Word by Sharing!

Some of you may have already noticed in your Facebook newsfeed … we started producing short videos from Global Voices stories last week! The goal with these videos is to...

Join Global Voices Buddies and We'll Match You Up With a Friend From Within the Community

Global Voices has grown so big! For new members, though, it can be difficult to navigate Global Voices and find those special connections that break down virtual walls.

Cool Things Happening in the Newsroom: March 2016 Edition

Podcasts, Instagram, collaborative posts... the newsroom has been busy since November when we last checked in.

Introducing the Global Voices Subediting Team

In this short video, we introduce you to our small and mighty global team of subeditors.

Cool Things Happening in the Newsroom: November 2015 Edition

An award, top stories, GV representation around the world and editors brainstorming ideas and strategies.

Terrorist. Rebel. Illegal Immigrant. What's in a Name?

Names and labels are something we take very seriously at Global Voices.