Suman Chowdury Mony

Suman Chowdhury Mony
Development Activist, Blogger, Organizer and Program & Financial Analyst.
Lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Mony is Nickname. Born and build up in Chittagong, a beautiful & healthy city of Bangladesh. He is involved with some Voluntary Organizations. Writes & shares social & economical development related thinking and views in many International Blogging and e-Communities.
Completed MSS (Master of Social Science) in Public Administration from University of Chittagong.
Now works at Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF) an apex organization established by the Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh for poverty alleviation through employment generation.

Want to be a part of sustainable social & economical development related works and play a significant role in building awareness for Poverty alleviation and fight against Corruption & Terrorism. Dream for a poverty, drug, terror and corruption free happy and beautiful world build by the unite effort of people.
Ready to welcome the opportunity to work with a dynamic team for mankind and development related works in anywhere.


@ Report and Data Analysis, @ Report Writing, @ Operational and Financial Trend Analysis, @ Knowledge Management, @ Familiar with ORACLE software, @ Monitoring and Evaluation, @ Practical knowledge in Microcredit Loan Management,@ Social Group approach and formation, @ Organization management and development, @ Organization building and leadership, @ Program Designing and Organizing,@ Planning and Budgeting, @ Project proposal writing, @ Building Relationship with GoB, Donor etc and international online e-communities, @ Blogs, Articles and Features Writing and Editing, @ Website designing and developing etc.

My words …

In my childhood, when I was small, my legs were little, my field of vision was inadequate, but now I am growing up, my eye sight is plentiful, the little path which was so far for me then, now it is in the vicinity of mine… If try, I can cross the line…

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