Posts about 10th Anniversary

Preserving Aymara Language for the Future Generations

  January 25, 2015

In an era in which many Latin American indigenous languages are endargered and tend to disappear, the pasionate dedication of Victoria Tinta from Bolivia is admirable and deserves every support she can get. Go, Victoria! You are doing a wonderful job!

The Future is Always Present

  January 23, 2015

Little Umaima is joining us every day of the GV Summit to remind us somehow that we are part of this amazing community for one single reason: to build better world for today's and the next generation. Little cute faces like hers really motivate us!

The Story and the Storyteller: Minutes from the workshop

  January 23, 2015

In this workshop led by Lauren, the participants’ objective is to get the most out of interviews they conduct for a story. When you are the ‘storyteller’, your goal is to seek all the elements of a really good story from your partner and narrate the story in front of...

We Also Play at the Summit

  January 23, 2015

We've been working a lot these days, we haven't slept enough and most of us still have the jetlag effect, but it is the brief moments like this when the conference room becomes an improvised playground and we allow ourselves to be kids again that make a difference. GV's Citizen Media...

More photos, this time for the second day at Summit

  January 22, 2015

You can have a bad internet connection or even a bad day, but something you can never have as a photographer a lack of will for shooting. I enjoy capturing moments specially when you see that people is having a good time. Sharing, getting to know each other, learning and...

First day of the Summit by photos

  January 21, 2015

Make the story count with photos. Not an easy task, but one that photographers enjoy so we can keep images for the future and we can say one day: we were part of this, too.  (set of photos by @LauraSchne) and please check Jeremy`s album (@jeremyclarke):

A minha primeira vez no Summit!

  January 8, 2015

Desde que estou no Global Voices (Dezembro de 2013) já escrevi entre textos originais e traduções 35 publicações, o que faz de mim o moçambicano mais activo dentro do Global Voices no meu país e na África Austral.

Marie Bohner: GV m'a donné confiance pour écrire

  December 31, 2014

Etant née de mère française et de père allemand, Marie Bohner a grandi dans un milieu international et multilingue car elle a fait son éducation dans une filière internationale. Dès son jeune age, elle a eu des amis qui venaient de pays et d'horizons différents, qui arrivaient avec leur culture,...

My First Post

  December 29, 2014

GV Hindi translator, Avinash Kumar Chanchal, is a communication consultant who writes about the environment and people's rights. Sometimes a story teller, a photographer too.