· October, 2014

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We are here now and ready to act!

I am girl activist of Kyrgyzstan. I live in the country where somebody speaks, acts and decides instead of us, where violence, injustice, discrimination, hate are normal. I believed and...

Girls Activist of Kyrgyzstan and Global Voices

I started working in media sphere in my 13 years old, now I am 16. My experience I started from citizen journalism and then started intrested in political systemof goverment...

Ten Years on GV: My First Translation and Other Reflections

Ten Years on GV: Mohamed ElGohary's First Translation and Other Reflections

Ebola: Abdoulaye's campaign at GV in French

We cannot save every one from Ebola, but Abdoulaye and Fatou, his contact in Guinea, are at least trying. Read how.