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Discovering Oaxaca, One of the Underrated Destinations of Mexico

  March 30, 2017

Oaxaca (pronounced “wah-hah-kah”) is a¬†city located in the southwest of Mexico, sharing borders with Mexico City to the northeast, Acapulco to the west, and Chiapas to the east. It is widely known for its Zapotec¬†towns, such as Monte Alban. Whether its a brief or long stay in the area, it...

Embracing the unexpected: connections that life throws your way

  September 24, 2014

A post about meeting Gandhi, Chaplin and wonderful ladies in day in my life in London. A typical Tuesday, except that I decided not to follow the script and opened up to the opportunities to make connections that life threw my way. Have you noticed that people smile back if you smile at them?