Expense Reporting & Invoicing

Expense Reporting

Global Voices will reimburse reasonable and necessary expenses incurred by staff and community members. Please seek permission from the appropriate section lead (see fact box below) before incurring expenses.

To be reimbursed for approved expenses, you will need to submit an invoice along with receipts and any other necessary documentation.

Payment for Filling in for Staff Members on Vacation and other services

If you are filling in for a staff member on vacation or performing some other paid service for Global Voices, you will need to submit an invoice. If you are not sure of the sum for which you should be invoicing, please consult with the appropriate section lead (see fact box below).

Section Leads:

Advox: TBD (in meantime, contact Georgia Popplewell at georgiap AT globalvoices  DOT org)
Lingua: Mohamed ElGohary (gohary AT globalvoices DOT org)
Newsroom: Filip Noubel (filip DOT noubel AT globalvoices  DOT org)
Rising Voices: Eddie Avila (eddie AT globalvoices AT org)
Translation Services: Marianna Breytman (Marianna AT globalvoices DOT org)


In order to be reimbursed for GV-related expenses or services, please email an invoice to the appropriate section lead and copy georgiap AT globalvoices DOT org and Katherine.gatewood AT globalvoices DOT org.

If you are submitting an invoice to be reimbursed for expenses, please include accompanying receipts and other documentation. Note: for expense reimbursement, each receipt should correspond to a line on the invoice. Please include a detailed description of the expense.

We recommend using the online service FreshBooks for invoicing (you can set up an account for free if you invoice fewer than three clients.) If you prefer not to use Freshbooks you can use THIS TEMPLATE, save it as a pdf, and send by email. The template also includes a sample completed invoice on the second tab.

Preparing your invoice

The invoice should follow the format below:

1. Bill To:

Stichting Global Voices
Kingsfordweg 151
1043GR Amsterdam
The Netherlands

2. Include your contact and payment information:

Contact Info:
Your name
Date of invoice
Your phone number
Your email
Your country of residence

Payment Info:
Include either your PayPal e-mail address (if payment is by PayPal) or the following bank details:
Name of bank
Address of bank
Bank account number
Name on bank account
SWIFT code

3. Detail the nature of the expense or service and the period during which it was performed. For example:

Substitute Regional Editor services for June 1-30, 2017

Expense Reimbursement:
Mount Lavinia hotel room; Summit 2017, 3 nights @$55 USD/night; Dec 1-3

To be reimbursable, expenses must be accompanied by receipts. In the event that you are unable to obtain a receipt for a specific expense, please include with your invoices a written statement regarding the circumstances of the unreceipted expense. Unreceipted expenses will be reimbursed up to $25.

4. Email to the appropriate section leader (see fact box above) and cc georgiap@globalvoices.org and maryalice.quinn@globalvoices.org.

Payment schedule
Expense reimbursements for paid contractors are typically paid with the contractor’s monthly stipend, either monthly or bi-monthly. Invoices for services are typically processed within 1 week of receipt.

Per diems
In general, GV provides per diems only in cases where staff members are engaged in work directly related to GV's development, and not for conferences. Per diems vary by geographic location, so please consult with the section leader on per diem rates before traveling.