Members of the Global Voices core team, regional and language editors, and certain other members of the Global Voices community, receive payment in return for their services. Payment is made at the end of the period of service, either by wire transfer or PayPal.

Regular GV staff

Core team members, who work nearly full time, are paid at the end of each month.

Editors, who work part-time, are paid every two months (e.g. editor payments for January and February of a given year will be sent at the end of February). Payments are made by wire transfer or PayPal.

Other payees

If you are filling in for a staff member on vacation, or performing some other paid service for Global Voices, you are required to submit an invoice. If you are not sure of the sum for which you should be invoicing, please consult with either your editor or the Managing Editor.

We recommend using the online service FreshBooks for invoicing – you can set up an account for free if you invoice fewer than three clients.

Preparing your invoice

The invoice should:

1) Be addressed to:

Stichting Global Voices

Kingsfordweg 151

1043GR Amsterdam

The Netherlands

Attn: Georgia Popplewell

2) Detail the nature of the service and the period during which it was performed, for example:

Regional Editor services for June 1-30, 2011
3) Include either your PayPal e-mail address (if payment is by PayPal) or the following bank details:

Name of bank

Address of bank

Bank account number

Name on bank account

SWIFT code
4) Be e-mailed to georgiap at globalvoices dot org and sahar at globalvoices dot org or, in the case of translation jobs, marianna at globalvoices dot org

Payment schedule

Regular staff member payments are usually processed within 2-3 days of the last day of the month.

Other payments are usually processed within a week of the receipt of the invoice.