GV Face

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GV Face is the Global Voices Hangout series, where we discuss trending topics from citizen and social media around the world. We launched the series in September 2013.

Creating GV Face

We host GV Face on Google Hangouts on Air, a free video conference software that allows people to “broadcast live” directly on our GVFace YouTube channel. The live video is also embedded on an event page linked to Global Voices Google+ page and in a post on globalvoicesonline.org.


  • Select a topic
  • Ask a GVer if they can moderate and/or suggest 2-3 guests
  • Email potential guests, explain GV Face and suggest a time. Sample email:

My name is XX and I'm the XXX at Global Voices, we would like to invite you to join us for a video discussion in our weekly Google Hangout series called GV Face on Friday October 11, at XX time on XXX topic.

Hope that time and date suits you? And if you have never done a Hangout before, we can explain the process to you.

  • Add information to the GV Face planning spreadsheet.
  • Moderator should do some research, prepare questions and ask participants what they would like to discuss.


To create a GV Face on Hangouts, you'll need to be a manager on Global Voices Google + account.

  • Managers switch your personal Google + profile to Global Voices.
  • Under Home, click on “ Hangouts”.
  • Select “Hangouts on Air”
  • Click the yellow button that says “Create a Hangout on Air”
  • Type in the title of the Hangout (GV Face: XXX) in the first field “Give it a name.”
  • Add a short event description in the tell people what it is about field. Please include information about the panelists.
  • In the next field “Starts” select “later.“ And add the date and time in the fields that appear below.
  • Always select “public” in the audience field, you can add email addresses or Google + profiles of your panelists and other circles here as well.
  • Then press “share” to create the event page!
  • You can launch the Q and A app and upload a video trailer to the event page as well – these buttons are right under the video preview at the top.
  • Spread the word on social media, with a link to this event page. Send an email to Asteris and Mohamed Adel asking if they can live tweet the event.
  • Create a draft post on GVO or where ever you want the live embed to be; add categories, an excerpt, a little intro, make the headline of the post the same as the Hangout with GV Face: at the beginning. Example: GV Face: Understanding #RussiaVotes 2013 with Kevin Rothrock and Andrey Tselikov


Select the Global Voices profile on Google +, then to Launch Hangout on Air:

  • Under Home on your Google + page, select Events
  • You will see the event page you set up. Select it.
  • Launch the Q and A app if you haven’t already.
  • Press the “Start” button underneath the video preview at the top.
  • A window with your video will pop up asking you to “Invite guests” add the names or email addresses of everyone participating in the discussion here.
  • Then press “Invite” (If guests do not receive the invite you can copy paste the windows url and they can join. )
  • When everyone joins, asks them to fix their lighting and framing. Make sure their computer/laptop camera is stable and eye-level. If the laptop is in their lap they will shake on screen. If the camera is not eye level, it will seem that they are looking down throughout the broadcast. Placing a few books underneath the laptop can help the camera become eye-level.
  • Copy the embed code of the Hangout at the bottom under “links”- into the wordpress draft post you created earlier, take a screenshot of the hangout, add a thumbnail to the post and hit publish right before going on air.
  • When you’ve reached your scheduled Hangout time, press Start BROADCAST
  • It will take about 3 seconds to launch, so give yourself a few seconds before you welcome the audience and introduce GV Face.

On Air

  • We usually start with a short: “Hello and welcome to GV Face, the Global Voices Hangout series. My name is XX, today we are talking about XX and I am joined by XX from Chile, YY from Portugal, etc.
  • Once we are live, switch between screens during the intro. Make sure screen is switching between guests. Click on their faces!
  • Bring up questions from Q and A app, when apt! Click on Q and A in the left column if you aren’t seeing a preview on the right.
  • Make sure screen is switching between guests.
  • Live tweet guest comments with a link to the Google + event page and hashtag of event – so they can add questions.
  • Make sure screen is switching between guests.
  • Keep an eye on time.
  • Make sure screen is switching between guests.
  • We try for the Hangout to last about 20 minutes and not more than 30.
  • At wrap thank guests, tease relevant global voices content, and say see you next week on GV Face.

Joining GV Face

Share this section with participants who will be joining GV Face. We host GV Face on Google Hangouts on Air, a free video conference software that allows up to 10 people to “broadcast live” directly on our GVFace YouTube channel. The live video is also embedded on an event page linked to Global Voices Google+ page and in a post on globalvoicesonline.org.

The live video and its embedded versions automatically turn into a recorded video file as soon as the broadcast ends.

If you have never done a Google “Hangout on Air” before, these 6 steps should prepare you for the live broadcast!

1. If you do not have a Google + account, please create one: https://accounts.google.com/SignUp

2. RSVP to the GV Face Google + event You have probably received or are about to receive a GV Face “event invite” on Google + from us, please RSVP and help spread the word about the live Hangout on your social networks!

3. Google + users, add the Global Voices Google +page to your circles! https://plus.google.com/+GlobalvoicesonlineOrg

4. Download Google Hangout Plugin For those who have never used Hangout, please download the plugin from here:https://www.google.com/tools/dlpage/hangoutplugin After you have downloaded the plugin – please ping/email Sahar to do a private ‘test’ Hangout, ideally this should be at least 24 hours before the scheduled GV Face Hangout.

5. Check your Google + profile Google+ users, please make sure ‘Global Voices’ is in a circle that can directly “Hangout with you” or is in a circle that is allowed to “send you notifications” of Hangout requests. To check please go into the Dashboard (under Home) click on> Settings then click on> Who can Hangout with you

Click on the button >Customize and a list of your circles will appear. Check to see if you can receive notifications from the circle that Global Voices in is – you can also create a temporary circle called GV like the one in the image below and select “Hangout with you”:

If you want to wait to receive a notification of a hangout request from us through email or chat then please make sure “Get notified about Hangout requests” is selected!

6. Accept invitation to Hangout on day of live broadcast with Global Voices!

On the day of the event (about 30-15 minutes before broadcast time) you will receive an invitation with a link to the event from Global Voices by email, Google+ notification, or Google Chat, depending on what your personal notification settings are. Please accept and join the Hangout!

Here some more information on system and bandwidth requirements for Hangouts.

After Hangout

  • Add names/titles to video on YouTube.
  • Tag and edit video info on YouTube.
  • Edit published post if necessary.
  • Send thank you email and tweet to panelists.