Official GV Social Media Guidelines

All members of GV's “official” social media team follow our social media mission, purpose, and guidelines while posting from official Global Voices accounts. Members of our community do not have to follow these guidelines while posting from their personal accounts.


Amplify the voices of citizen media around the world on social media sites.


To get more traffic to all GV sites, (particularly, encourage sharing of content from all of our sites, spread meaningful conversation and build community.


All official GV accounts on Social Media should meet the standards of our Editorial Code, particularly all posts should comply with the following GV values:

    • Avoid stereotyping by race, gender, age, religion, ethnicity, geography, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance or social status.
    • Be aware of the labels you attach to individuals, people and groups. Question terms, names, photos or practices used in other media and by governments – only use labels that are in line with our code and values.
    • Build community and encourage meaningful conversation.
  • Please be careful when tagging authors and editors on sensitive issues, they may not want to be tagged or we might be inviting unwelcomed trolls to harass them.
  • Be careful when using photos and videos
    • Remember to include credits on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and Google+
    • Be sensitive or avoid using photos of children, victims or suspects
    • Do not use images that are too shocking or disturbing
    • Add a “Graphic warning’ for images that may be disturbing to some people.
  • Post only in English on our GV English social media accounts, or the language of the account (Spanish, Arabic, etc..), so our followers don’t get confused by languages they may not understand. We have separate social media accounts for most of our languages.
  • Be thorough while posting, please avoid spelling and grammar mistakes from GV’s social media accounts.
  • Keep personal opinion out while tweeting or posting from GV’s accounts on Social Media.
  • Be careful not to show favoritism for certain GV authors, or regions, or topics in your tweets and posts.
  • Make sure you give a global perspective and don’t post, tweet or RT localized content that our followers may not understand.
  • While live-tweeting or posting breaking news be vigilant about your sources – we don’t want to misreport in the heat of the moment.
  • Use “Breaking News or Breaking” sparingly and diligently – on social media something 10 minutes-old, is no longer “Breaking.”
  • GV posts rarely make the “Breaking” cut; using “Just in” for timely new posts is apter.
  • Our accounts are usually handled by multiple people, when publishing real-time:
    • Be mindful and respectful to other tweets or posts that have been published or are scheduled and optimized in the queue.
    • Take a thorough look at the published stream, we do not want to repeat ourselves in posts and tweets, or interrupt live-tweeting sessions.

Lingua Specific Guidelines


  • Make sure you invite friends who are more likely to be follow GV
  • Send periodic reminders to the Lingua team to follow the page and invite their friends
  • Post as much as you can
  • Make a list of “evergreen” or “non-time-sensitive” posts, which you can share from time to time.
    • One easy way of doing that is to find most visited posts in the history of your Lingua site in Google Analytics.


  • Check current and past Translation Managers “Following” and follow who are relevant.
  • RT Lingua site tweets from your personal account.
  • Send periodic reminders to the Lingua team to follow and RT the Lingua account
  • RT tweets you see relevant in the Lingua account timeline, even if they are not specifically GV (in other words, engage your audience).

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