List of Official GV Accounts

Below is our list of GV Social Media accounts. If you would like to add one to the list, email or


Global Voices English has the main fan page. Many Lingua sites also have their own Facebook pages. If you want to set up your own account please follow these steps.

GV Main

Global Voices
Global Voices Advox
Rising Voices


Central and Eastern Europe fan page


Amharic fan page
Arabic fan page
Aymara fan page
Bangla fan page
Bulgarian fan page
Burmese fan page
Català fan page
Chinese fan page
Czech fan page
Danish fan page
Dutch fan page
Esperanto fan page
Farsi / Persian fan page
Filipino fan page
French fan page
German fan page
Greek fan page
Hungarian fan page
Hebrew fan page
Hindi fan page
Indonesian fan page
Italian fan page
Japanese fan page
Korean fan page
Macedonian fan page
Malagasy fan page
Odia fan page
Polish fan page
Portuguese fan page
Romanian fan page
Russian fan page
Serbian fan page
Spanish fan page
Swahili fan page
Swedish fan page
Tetum fan page
Turkish fan page
Ukrainian fan page
Urdu fan page
Yorúbà fan page


Global Voices has a group on Flickr where you can share your photos with other authors and readers.


Global Voices podcast and more:


Global Voices on Reddit


NOTE: If you are setting up a GV Twitter account please set up the style and colors so it looks nice. For the standard Twitter style see this guide.

Main accounts

@GlobalVoices Global Voices Main – English
@Advox Advox – English
@RisingVoices Rising Voices – English
@GVLingua Lingua – English
@GVcommunity Community – English
@NewsFrames_GV NewsFrames – English

Newsroom accounts

@gvcaribbean the Carribbean – English
@EUinTransition Europe – English
@gvAmericaLatina Latin America – Spanish
@gvMENA The Middle East and North Africa – English
@gvSSAfrica SubSaharan Africa – English
@gvJapan Japan – English
@runetecho – Russian Internet – English

Lingua Twitter accounts

@GVAmharic – Amharic
@GVinArabic – Arabic
@GVAymara – Aymara
@gvbangla – Bangla
@GVinBulgarian – Bulgarian
@GlobalVoicesCat – Catalan
@globalvoiceszh – Chinese (Traditional)
@GlobalVoicesCZ – Czech
@gvpadansk – Danish
@globalvoicesnl – Dutch
@gvfarsi – Farsi / Persian
@globalvoicesfil – Filipino
@Globalvoicesfr – French
@gvdeutsch – German
@GlobalvoicesGr – Greek
@GVinHebrew – Hebrew
@GVhindi – Hindi
@magyargv – Hungarian
@gvindonesia – Indonesia
@GlobalVoices_IT – Italian
@GlobalVoicesJP – Japanese
@globalvoiceskr – Korean
@gvomk – Macedonian
@GlobalVoicesMg – Malagasy
@globalvoicesnp – Nepalese
@gvOdia – Odia
@GlobalVoicesPol – Polish
@gvlusofonia – Portuguese
@GVRomana – Romanian
@gvrussian – Russian
@gvnasrpskom – Serbian
@gvenespanol – Spanish
@GVSwahili – Swahili
@GVsvenska – Swedish
@globalvoicestr – Turkish
@GVinUkrainian – Ukrainian
@GlobalVoicesUrd – Urdu
@gvyoruba – Yorúbà


Global Voices has a channel on YouTube.

Also see: Creating Social Media Accounts