Contributor Rights and Responsibilities

Our broad goals and values are outlined in the Global Voices Manifesto.

  • It is the responsibility of both Contributors and Editors to communicate with one another in a friendly and respectful manner. We are a community that is built upon trust and friendship across borders.
  • It is the responsibility of Editors to respond to the email from Contributors expediently, but also for Contributors to understand that Editors often travel or may be otherwise unavailable. Editors should communicate when they will be offline.
  • Contributors submit drafts of their posts for review and editing by Editors. It is the responsibility of the Contributor to submit accurate and coherent reports that have been spell-checked and prepared for the Contributor's best ability.
  • Editors are responsible for editing posts so they adhere to Global Voices quality standards for both content and format. Editors should allow Contributors to review significant changes before publication, but ultimately Editors have authority to make changes for accuracy and appropriate presentation.
  • Editors answer to Global Voices Managing Editor. If Contributors feel wronged or concerned with any aspect of Global Voices work or management, they are welcome to email the Managing Editor directly for advice or mediation.
  • Global Voices Volunteers have two elected representatives on the Board of Global Voices who are also available to hear any queries or complaints, and bring them to the Board if necessary.
  • In order to be considered “active”, Contributors must write regularly (or semi-regularly) for Global Voices and participate to their best ability on mailing lists. If they are “inactive” for more than a few months, they may be removed from mailing lists. But Contributors are always welcome to return after any absence.