Crossposting to Advox and Rising Voices

If you have published an Advox or Rising Voices story on Global Voices and would like to publish it on the Advox or Rising Voices site, please follow the process below.

The first step is grabbing the URL (link) of the source post that you want to import and entering it in the Lingua Translationr box in the New Post screen of the site you are translating for.

Fetching post content in Posts > Add New

  • Go to the source post you want to import.
  • Copy the URL.
  • Go to the Advox or Rising Voices dashboard
  • Go to Posts > Add New
  • Paste the URL of source post into the GV Lingua Translation box.
  • Click the Fetch Post Data button.

This will check that the url is valid, save the translation record and return the content from the source post to your new post. The following information should automatically be populated in your new post based on returned data:

  • Post title
  • Post content
  • Post excerpt (if it exists at the source)
  • All post categories that exist on the Advox or Rising Voices site.
  • Post thumbnail image (if it exists at the source)
  • Other post metadata (featured images, etc.)

crossposting 2

After you fetch content, the GV Lingua Translation box will give you the option of showing only the original author's profile from the Global Voices main site instead of showing the author alongside a local “translator”. Make sure to tick this option.

Note: The system is set up to show you errors if there is a problem with your URL. Please read any errors carefully and follow their instructions. An error that you need not to worry is the reminder about the categories – just choose the ones that you find equivalent/necessary. If you have continued problems please contact your Editor.