GV Special Topics Google Groups – Shared Policy and Guidelines

This policy applies to various Global Voices special topic Google Groups, which are listed on the GV Communication Channels page. For each group, the “manager” is the person indicated on the page linked above, along with the Managing Editor

What is the purpose of this group?

This group hosts communication among members of the Global Voices community and others interested in a special topic or project related to GV, including announcements and discussion about Global Voices and the community.

See the description of the group itself and its listing on GV Communication Channels for more details.

Who are the members of this group?

Special topic groups are composed of GV participants and associates interested in discussing the topic or project in question.

What types of messages are expected in this group?

  • Announcements about Global Voices, Lingua etc. as they relate to the special topic or project.
  • Discussion of issues related to Global Voices and the special topic or project.
  • Discussion of content and opportunities related to the special topic or project.

How are people added and removed from the group?

Members may be invited to join by other members, or may request to join based on their interest in the special topic or project.

Subscribers may be removed if they have not been active contributors to the group, or if they are in violation of our Ethics and Harassment Policy.

Regular audits (yearly or more) will be performed to review participants and consider removing inactive members.

Who is responsible for this group?

For each editorial team group, the “manager” is considered to be the current editor for the relevant region or topic, which should be indicated on the GV Communication Channels page, along with the Managing Editor.

How private is this group?

Access to this group is limited to relevant Global Voices community members, but this does not guarantee the total privacy of our communications. By using Google Groups, we allow our list conversations to be stored on Google servers. In addition, each member of the group can be individually vulnerable to hacking, which could allow an attacker to see and potentially expose group conversations.

With this in mind, please do not use this list to transmit any sensitive information that could put you or another person in danger if it were to become public. If you're unsure about the safety implications of a piece of information you want to share, contact the group manager or a member of the core team before sharing.

See the Google Terms of Service for information about their policies.

As administrators of this list, Global Voices also has access to subscription data about list members. To learn about how Global Voices handles personal data, read our Privacy Policy.