Communication Within GV

As a networked organization, Global Voices relies on communication between our contributors to exist. We communicate to collaborate on work, to share our skills and simply to have fun and make friends. This document will walk you through the types of communication channels we use and help you find the groups that apply to your role within Global Voices. It's intended as a starting point.

For a full reference of all the groups and channels used by GV, see GV Communication Channels.

Mailing Lists

If you are a regular contributor, you should automatically be added to several Google Groups:

GV Community Email List

“GV Community” email group All contributors and members are in this group, including editors, authors and translators. If you aren't already in this group, please request to join!

Regional and Linguistic Editorial Email Lists

If you are an author, you should be added to a Google Group for your region (e.g. Latin America, East Asia).

Lingua Translation Site Email Lists

If you are a translator, you should be added to a Google Group for your Lingua site.

If your editor or manager hasn't yet added you to the relevant groups, please use the links above to find the groups and apply for membership! Be sure to include information about your work for GV and the URLs of your profile on the GV site you contribute to.

Regional WhatsApp and Facebook Groups

Some regions have there own WhatsApp or Facebook groups where they check in, share ideas, and discuss trending news. Some very interesting stories and collaborations often result from here. Check in with your editor to see if your region has a group on a social media platform. If they don't yet – you can start one!

Board Representation

Like all nonprofit foundations, Global Voices is governed by a board of directors. You can see the members of the current board here. The current GV board of directors comprises nine seats. Two of these seats are reserved for the founders of GV (Ethan and Rebecca), three for members of the GV community and four for other individuals of the board’s choosing.

The GV community board representatives exist to ensure that the interests of GV community members are served by the organization. They’re basically the community’s spokespeople at board level and the conduit for community perspectives for the board.

Community board representatives should be in regular touch with you all to listen to and familiarize themselves with your opinions and concerns. Learn more on the Board Elections FAQ 

Global Voices Summits and Meetups

Every few years Global Voices holds a summit in a different location to bring as many Global Voices contributors together as possible. In the past, we've been able to invite some our most active volunteers to travel to these summits at no cost. We will always strive to bring as many people as possible.

At other times, Global Voices contributors and editors who live in the same cities or regions have organized their own meetings. Feel free to reach out to fellow GVers who are in your area. You could also be invited to blogger events or conferences where you meet other Global Voices contributors.

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